COVID 19 - A Message from our CEO

Following the latest announcement made yesterday by the Prime Minister, stringent new movement and people engagement rules have been introduced.
Like many countries have done throughout the world, affected by this worldwide epidemic, the UK is entering a quite strict lock down period. This is for a minimum period of 3 weeks.
The aim, is stop the virus spreading, especially to those who are most vulnerable – the elderly and those with an existing health issue.
These are the people mainly at acute risk and we need to avoid, where possible, the germ spreading to them.
It is important to remember, that the vast majority of people who may contract the virus, make a quite quick and complete recovery.
For the vulnerable, the consequences may be more serious. Sometimes, fatal.

Last night, Boris Johnson pressed the “on hold” button for the entire country, for certain activities.
Our leisure time activities, inter-action with our friends and family, freedom of movement and even how we spend our money, are all now severely restricted.
However, life goes on.

For the coming period we have to adjust and live it differently. We may have to work differently.
The majority will continue to work as normal. That is important. In exceptional cases, work can be performed from home (mainly via use of computers)

We must try to remain positive, be sensible and careful in what we do, be respectful and caring.

Thank you for your work commitment and we will do our upmost to support and guide you whilst this crisis persists.

We will get through this together.

Best regards

Terry Barton


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