Staff at Sanctuary Students can’t thank the Kingdom Team enough!

Sanctuary students (part of the Sanctuary Group) based in Glasgow, couldn’t thank the Kingdom team enough following an extremely busy weekend.

Alessandro Maccarone, Deputy Accommodation Manger for Sanctuary Students had this to say:

“It was our busiest weekend of the year as just under 1200 residents arrived on site to check in for the new academic year. The Kingdom team were fantastic speaking with the new residents and their families as they welcomed them to the site. We received  a lot of good feedback.

Kingdom helped us keep our one way road system in order to avoid any congestion and keep the flow of cars at a manageable level. The Kingdom team also prevented a large coach from entering the wrong way down our one way street which avoided what could have been a complete roadblock.

I was really impressed with everyone, especially since it was their first time working on site during check in which can be really hectic compared to a regular shift. I can’t say thanks enough to the team and hope this can be fed back to all of the Officers who helped out.”

Jamie Graham, Key Account Manager for Kingdom commented “We take great pride in hearing positive feedback from our clients. Our team work tirelessly to ensure the customer and their customers are satisfied with our service. A big thank you to Sanctuary and we wish them all the best for the academic year.”

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