Just how worried should we be about the threat from the New IRA?

The unexploded car bomb found on the 1st June
A recent car bomb incident in east Belfast underscores the continued threat from the New IRA. The republic dissident group claimed responsibility for a failed car bomb on the 1st June, found planted under a police officer’s car at the Shandon Park Golf Club. Police described the explosive device as “viable” and “sophisticated", noting it had a motion-activated mercury tilt switch and contained about 680g of TNT. Bomb disposal experts were able to defuse the device without casualties.
This recent incident illustrates the New IRAs determination to commit terrorist acts and comes on the heels of the letter / parcel bombs sent to Waterloo station, London City Airport, Heathrow and the University of Glasgow back in March and the shooting of journalist Lyra McKee in April.
The group has hinted at further acts “which should not be underestimated”, and some focus has been placed around the potential for further police officers in Belfast to be targeted.
The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) continues to report the threat level for Northern-Ireland related terrorism attacks as ‘Moderate’ which means an attack is possible but not likely. However, we cannot be complacent and must remember that it is communities that defeat terrorism and if you see anything suspicious then report it to your local police or the Anti-Terrorism hotline on 0800 789321.
Remember to ACT, Action Counters Terrorism.

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