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Fake Apple Telephone Support Warning

Apple users are being warned about a telephone phishing scam (known as ‘Vishing’) that involves users being falsely alerted to a possible data breach by an ‘Apple Support Agent’. If a call is answered and the victim follows an automated instruction to press ‘1’ to talk to support staff, the scammers hope that the victim will then divulge sensitive Apple ID account information.

The scam is made to appear realistic on Apple devices by using a spoofing technique that identifies the caller as ‘Apple Customer Service’ or ‘AppleCare’. On other devices the caller appears as either ‘1 (800) MYAPPLE’ or 800-275-2273. The actual origin of the call is a malicious number that advises victims to call an 866 number for assistance. Whichever call method is used, the victim will be encouraged to provide account details.

Apple is advising users to be particularly vigilant, but they are also planning to include an update to iOS 13 that detects unknown calls and directs them straight to voicemail. If any users have experienced this scam and accidently engaged with a call, it is recommended that they reset their Apple ID and iCloud passwords at the earliest opportunity.
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