The Impact of Technology on Retail Security

Prevention is better than cure. The adage may be a favourite of mum’s worldwide but it’s equally relevant to business, especially in this age of constant technological advancement.

In this post we consider whether the retail industry has enough systems in place to deal with the changing face of crime within the sector.  How will technological changes affect retailers approach to crime? Can they respond effectively and how will dedicated security providers, such as Kingdom, assist in the war against crime?

Fighting crime in a digital era

Digitalisation has transformed the retail sector. Online shopping transactions via smartphones, tablets and computers have seen significant growth over the last decade.  To keep pace with rising demand and competition, retailers know that the future of shopping relies on up-to-date technology.

Unfortunately, as well as increasing commercial opportunities, digitalisation also brings associated risks and threats through changes in consumer behaviour.  Consumers now share vast amounts of personal data with retailers, enabling a better customer experience and providing essential information for retailers from a marketing perspective - but the flip side of the coin is the increased need for data security. While GDPR is outside of the scope of this blog, the fact remains that retailers need robust security measures to manage this increased data.

In store, the introduction of self-scanning checkouts has resulted in a need for sophisticated security systems.  Labels can be swapped for cheaper goods and items may not be scanned – there’s a new kind of shoplifter, one who is tech savvy and knows how to bypass the systems.

And then there’s the potential for a wider security breach. A DDoS attack or systems hack could affect thousands of transactions, decline payments and cause widespread disruption to customers and your business at a practical level – and that’s before you consider the potential brand damage that could result.

Dealing with the challenges

So how should you tackle the challenges presented by technological advancements in retail?

Firstly, you need to identify your assets.  For example, stock, point of sale machines, websites, customer data, etc.  From here, you need to be able to secure them according to need – configuring device security settings, maintaining secure passwords, ensuring firewalls and anti-virus software are regularly patched to counteract hacking and phishing, extra layers of security to verify transactions, and educating personnel in how to spot potential threats and the correct procedures in dealing with them.

Secondly, remember to have adequate back-up systems in place.  Recovering from any data breach means recovering information.  Reliable, secure back-up systems will keep potential downtime and losses to a minimum. 


Investment in security should never be considered as a one-off fix.  As threats become more complex and sophisticated, all organisations will need higher levels of security within their infrastructure in order to keep premises, data and systems secure.

Call in the experts

Staying ahead of cybercrime techniques, maintaining security systems and continually being aware of threats is an extremely challenging task for both small and large organisations.   To fully assess your specific needs and vulnerabilities, the expertise of industry experts is crucial.

Kingdom have a dedicated intelligence led service which is tailor made to detect and respond to individual threats.  Our personnel are experts in the security field, many have background experience within Intelligence Services and all are fully trained and equipped to offer the best in physical, information and security systems.  Our systems are compliant with legal and insurance regulations and will provide complete protection against criminal activity.  Kingdom give you peace of mind – and in today’s uncertain world, that’s a priceless investment.

To find out more about the security expertise we can bring to your retail business, contact us on 01744 697596 or email The below video and links also provide detail on the wide range of services we can offer your retail business.

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