Manned Security - What Are The Benefits?

Ensuring that your property is safe and secure is critical. Incidents of burglary, theft, arson, criminal damage and trespass are all too familiar in today’s day and age. Sad though it may seem, CCTV systems and modern technologies don’t always serve as effective deterrents. Besides, having the technology available to monitor, detect or even view a security breach as it occurs, is surely of little comfort when you may not be able to physically get there and deal with the problems quickly.

At Kingdom. we believe that good old fashioned physical security is essential. It keeps your premises secure when unoccupied and ensures that potential emergency situations are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Additionally, having manned security gives peace of mind and reassurance. You know that should there be any safety or security issues, fully equipped and trained personnel are already on site ready to act without delay.

Let’s take a further look into manned guarding, discover its many benefits and demonstrate how Kingdom can provide security protection solutions for your premises, personnel or brand.

What is manned guarding?

Manned guarding provides professional, experienced, trustworthy security personnel to maintain security for your premises. It’s an on the spot presence guarding against unauthorised access, destruction, damage and theft whilst also protecting individuals from the likelihood of assault or injury.

Who would benefit from a manned guard security service?

Commercial premises of all sizes regularly benefit from having manned security on site.

Kingdom continually provide tailor made security solutions for all sectors of industry and all sizes of business. Manufacturing and logistics warehousing, shopping centres, industrial sites, ports, shipping, oil and gas industries, vacant and derelict sites awaiting refurbishment – the list really is endless. Kingdom provide cost effective, appropriate accredited safeguarding solutions which reflect the key areas of security concern and specific threats our customers face.

What are the main advantages of manned security?

The main advantage of manned security is a physical presence on site ready and equipped to deal with both security issues and emergency situations. Fully trained, accredited and equipped security personnel are a front line in defence – they’re often able to detect sounds or sights before they’re picked up by technological security equipment and can deal with issues before they get out of hand.

Coupled with this, the human factor gives extra peace of mind. Our customers are greatly reassured by the physical presence of manned security. After all, a friendly smile and greeting from a security guard is far more inspiring than a faceless, security camera.

Having manned security for your premises gives you access to a wide range of extra security procedures. Reception duties, regular patrols, gate control, bag searches, liaising with emergency services in the event of an incident, for example, are all important measures when safeguarding commercial buildings, governmental establishments, retail environments, public events, etc.

Kingdom fully embrace the culture and demographic of your specific requirements and provide cost effective solutions designed to respond to those needs.

What to consider when selecting manned security services?

First and foremost, accreditation and reputation. It’s important to appoint security services who can demonstrate a high calibre of expertise, have many years of relevant sector experience and are dedicated to providing a professional service in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

Kingdom are passionate about our commitment to quality. Our awards, accreditations and public memberships pay testament to this and we’re deservedly proud of the achievements of our team - Awards, Accreditations and Memberships

We also believe that, where possible, hiring a locally based security company provides great benefits. They have in depth knowledge of the area and are likely to have established relationships with local Fire, Police, Ambulance and Emergency crews.

Kingdom provide comprehensive security services to industries across the Cheshire region and beyond. All our personnel are highly skilled and personally selected. We guarantee the right people for your job.

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