How To Keep Your Business Premises Safe

Did you know that approximately a quarter of all recorded crime is against businesses? Safety and security is a growing concern as businesses of all sizes continually find themselves the target of theft, arson, vandalism, trespass and cybercrime.

Whilst obvious security measures such as installing effective locks (and remembering to use them), strong doors and burglar alarms will all serve a purpose, theft to premises has now become big business and property owners and organisations must always remain vigilant. The rising value of copper, lead, aluminium, etc, has resulted in lead roofs being stripped from churches, clubs, construction sites and commercial premises. Even the most sophisticated CCTV cameras and surveillance devices will be unable to detect targeted plots.

This article highlights the threats businesses regularly encounter and how effective mitigation systems are deployed to counteract them.


In terms of security, theft represents one of the greatest concerns faced by property owners and landlords. Unmeasurable in its financial consequences, theft is rife across all sectors of industry. Construction sites regularly fall prey to gangs who target them for both equipment and metal components and it is not uncommon for insurance companies to now insist on adequate preventative measures and tracking facilities. The retail sector suffers from theft on a major scale too. Shoplifting is common practice and fuels a thriving underground trade in stolen goods.


Vandalism is a further threat to the security of commercial premises and one which has severe financial implications. Removal of graffiti accounts for the major expenditure faced by businesses, as is the cost of repairing fixtures, fittings and furnishings, equipment and plant. Vandalism can result in loss of earnings if machinery and equipment is out of action for any time, subsequent penalty clauses and damaged reputations. Its effects are widespread. In the housing sector, the continual costs of repairs caused by vandalism places strain on budgets and can lead to money for essential services being depleted.


Hand in hand with the effects of vandalism, arson is a further common occurrence in vacant and unoccupied premises. Organisations with links to political parties, animal testing or sensitive issues highlighted by the media are likely to find themselves the target of arson. Financial consequences can be significant as repair bills and insurance excess fees are often exorbitant, especially if a site incurs major structural damage.

Squatting and Trespass

Vacant, derelict or premises awaiting refurbishment are prone to trespass and habitation by squatters who often cause criminal damage to gain entry. Evicting squatters can be both time consuming and costly, possibly involving legal action and court injunctions. Costs to secure properties after squatters, cleaning, refurbishing and repairing damage can also be substantial.

Fly Tipping

Unsecured properties often act as a potential magnet for those wishing to dispose of unwanted household items or stolen goods. Fly tipping is a common problem in inner city locations and can easily escalate if not promptly removed. Fly tipping is unsightly, detracts from the aesthetics of a neighbourhood and could even attract animal infestations – all costly and time consuming to deal with.

Security Systems - Effective Management - Manned Security

As can be seen, the effects of leaving any premises without adequate security measures can be costly in terms of financial losses and repair costs. All property owners regardless of the sector in which they operate in, need to carry out comprehensive risk assessments and decide the levels of security they need to adopt.

Effective property management is likely to combine technological equipment, perhaps CCTV, alarms, tracking equipment, and the personal touch in the form of manned security. Manned guards can carry out regular patrols, their very presence often acting as a suitable deterrent to vandals, intruders and those keen on criminal intent. Furthermore, they are available on site to deal with incidents as and when they arise.

At Kingdom we believe that a combination of CCTV and the human factor results in the best forms of preventative security. Our guards and security personnel are qualified and accredited to handle complex security needs and trained and supported by the latest technology and software. It’s a tried and tested formula in our provision of robust, cost effective security measures.

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