Facilities Management and Its Five Key Functions

The work of a Facility Manager or facilities management team comprises a wide range of management functions which are vital to the day to day smooth running and overall cost effectiveness of an organisation. While this obviously varies according to the nature of the business and industry sector within which the organisation sits, the role of facilities management will always incorporate certain key functions.

This article looks at five key functions facilities management must always fulfil and how Kingdom, one of the UK’s top performing accredited provider of facilities management solutions, assists its clients with these important tasks.

Health & Safety Management

Effective health and safety management protects employees, visitors and members of the public from danger and is a major part of the role of facilities management. The consequences of failing to comply with strict health and safety guidelines are severe and wide reaching including financial and economic cost to the business, bad publicity, subsequent loss of custom and a high turnover of disgruntled staff. Kingdom acknowledge that up to date training in line with current legislation is crucial. Kingdom personnel reflect the key issues appertaining to your industry, focusing on areas of priority and importance.

Budget Management

Managing budgets is a time consuming and complex task. Facilities management works closely with the financial department to keep budgets on track and ensure value for money and cost efficiencies are maintained. Kingdom’s dedicated facilities management personnel work hard to improve your business by implementing tailor made innovative solutions designed to provide long term cost efficiencies and better ways of working.

Project Management

Facilities Management teams are regularly deployed to carry out projects such as office relocations and refurbishments. This includes ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum, the project delivers its objectives and remains within budget. Within this the most efficient use of space, equipment and utilities should also be considered. At Kingdom our aim is to manage a comprehensive array of facilities on behalf of our clients so that in turn they can continue to provide a first class service with total peace of mind. All our contracts receive personalised attention from specialist industry leaders with extensive experience and qualifications. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your business – working hand in hand to deliver outcomes and solutions to enable you to build industry reputation and thrive within this sector.

People Management

For larger businesses, corporates and governmental institutions, facilities management relies on a team to support the tasks carried out by a Facilities Manager. It’s important that all personnel within the team have good people and leadership skills. At Kingdom, all our facilities management personnel are renowned for their expertise in people management. Whether we’re deployed in assisting with workload planning or disciplinary grievances, dedication, motivation and excellence in customer service will always form the cornerstone of our services.

Customer Relationships

The old adage ‘the customer is king’ remains relevant in today’s fast paced business world and especially so in the facility management sector. If the customer is not satisfied with the services being provided, this reflects on the facilities management personnel.

Good communication, acting on feedback, giving the customer a designated point of contact and keeping all parties informed of progress, issues and strategies are key to good customer relationship management. Kingdom appreciate and value the importance of building great customer relationships. It’s central to all we do.

We have an impressive list of high profile clients across all sectors of industry and we’re fully equipped to cope with the most demanding and challenging environments. Our objective, whilst providing cost effective facility management solutions, will always be focused around giving top class levels of service and maintaining excellent customer relationships.

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