Kingdom response to Guardian Article (22/01/19)

Kingdom refutes all allegations in this article. None of the practices alleged in this article are part of Kingdom Enforcement Officers training and standards.

The source of the information is unnamed as are the persons he accuses of poor practices.

It is noted that the ex-employee was allegedly employed on one of our North Wales sites between 2015 and 2017, however it is a matter of absolute fact that Kingdom operate a transparent pay structure for all our Local Authority Support Staff, with a set hourly rate, the only other allowance they may qualify for is a ‘Quality Procedural Allowance’ set against identifiable KPI’s and not linked to numbers of FPN’s issued, rather the employees overall ability to conduct themselves within our set standards and issue only FPN’s of high quality and in keeping with our rules of engagement.

Kingdom only issue FPN’s to individuals who commit offences contrary to the legislation they are asked to enforce, this in the main is the Environmental Protection Act 1990. We patrol proportionally and without prejudice and strongly dispute the allegation our staff target the elderly or vulnerable.

All our work is carried out under the view of our Local Authority Clients who have full access to our systems with correct reporting mechanisms. We publish a full demographic report on the offenders who have been issued FPN’s and these will strongly disprove the assertion that we target any particular group within the communities we patrol.

Kingdom have significantly high figures of compliance in relation to offenders discharging their liability to prosecution by paying the penalty as an alternative to prosecution. Significantly in the case of those who choose not to discharge their liability, it is the Local Authority who decide on prosecution and of those prosecuted, in excess of 95% are convicted, which once again attests to the appropriateness of the issuance.

Kingdom is working closely with campaign groups focussed on Education and Engagement in relation to Litter and Dog Fouling and contribute both time and funding to support this activity.

This story is built on the foundation of an apparent ex-employee who is unwilling to identify themselves and as such his allegations should in the balance of fairness be treated with absolute caution until he/she does identify themselves and corroborate the allegations of poor practice alleged.

Notes to editor: Kingdom’s Local Authority Support Division accounts for less than 1% of Kingdom’s entire turnover. Linking the company’s growth to this division is again factually incorrect and designed to create a false narrative.

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