Kingdom Supports Soho Angel Project

The Soho Angels and Soho Night Hub is a new initiative to help people who are vulnerable or need support while out at night.

A team of volunteers, known as the Angels, will patrol Soho looking out for anyone who needs help.

They’ll offer anything from water and directions, to helping people contact friends and family, sitting with them while they sober up, or helping them get medical attention.

We’re delighted to say that we have supported this initiative by having a Kingdom officer join the Soho Angels, free of charge, on their patrol on Friday night (14th December) and our officer will again be patrolling this Friday (21st December).

The aims of this worthwhile initiative, run by Westminster City Council and LGBT Foundation are:
Help keep people safe at night, and prevent harm
Help businesses to support vulnerable customers
Relieve pressure on emergency services
Increase the safety and sustainability of nightlife in the area
Reflect Soho’s roots and work to make nightlife a safer, more inclusive space for the LGBT community

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