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If you are seeking concierge services in the UK, Capital Concierge is all you need to blossom your business. Here, we ensure that your clients and guests receive the best customer service during their time at your premises. Our highly trained colleagues have the experience and ability to offer personalised services to every customer. We understand that paying attention to personal details is a crucial step to retaining a strong rapport with your clients. Some of our wide range of concierge services include;

Warm Welcome
The first impression is indispensable, and it determines your guests’ opinion about your organisation. And is the reason why at Capital Concierge, we will professionally welcome and engage with your visitors while ensuring that their needs are personally attended.

Brand Representation
Our assigned personnel will be brand ambassadors for your company as well as ours and we will ensure that both reputations are upheld to the highest standards. We will assign you professionals from our team who will have first-hand information about your organisation, the services offered and the expectation of your clients. We ensure that we uphold your status and with time, elevate it to greater heights.

Attention to Details
It is at times easy to overlook some of the small details such as;

The seating arrangement of the reception is essential in managing the traffic of the guests. The seats should be organised and comfortable. If possible, our lifestyle manager will ensure that they should match the colour theme of your company to create a unique atmosphere.

The Floor
The floor should always be kept clean and tidy which is the reason why you should ensure that you hire a concierge company that will guarantee that a janitor is assigned to always keep the floor clean 24 hours a day.

The décor adds to the professional touch. Here at Capital Concierge, we will ensure that there is always fresh and well-arranged flowers. More so, we will assure that your company name and logo are incorporated into the décor of the reception by using screens and blinds. Thus your visitors will notice the sense of your company’s brand as soon as they enter the door.

Added Touches
Adding a few personal touches can go a long way to transforming your customer experience.  And this is the reason why we recommend adding stationary with the company brand and refreshments. You could also add complementary newspapers or magazines to keep your guest entertained as well as low-level music and air refreshers.

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