Why Organisations Need Business Concierge Services

Here at Capital Concierge, part of Kingdom Services Group, we offer a fully bespoke business concierge service. We fully understand that we are living in a fast-paced business environment that is constantly changing. It has all been triggered by technological advancement and the increasing working hours. It stands to reason outsourcing help from specific service providers has become a necessity for nearly every business, company and organisation. In the past, concierge services were often solely associated with personal services, and most concierge programs were tailored to suit only specific environments. For instance, most of the white label focused on hotels and luxury apartments where they offered services such as; making reservations for the guests, booking flights, arranging spa services among others.

However, our Capital Concierge services cover numerous organisation niches. Business concierge services are among the services that we include in the concierge program, offering varying concierge services designed to suit specific businesses.

The unique feature of business concierge services is that they can be customised to meet various needs. This includes providing an employee benefit package, rewarding staff, recognising special customers and adding value to your company’s products and services. Further, concierge services such as Capital Concierge services help your organisation to maintain good customer experience through the provision of value-added customer services. These service providers also offer other related services such as; event planning, chauffeur services, and flight bookings, among others.
Other reasons why you should hire business concierge services include;

Saving Time
When you hire corporate concierge services, you will have ample time to cater to other vital issues. It will also save you the headache of wondering if your clients are impressed by the customer services offered. More so, you will have extra time to spend with family and friends and attend to other personal responsibilities which are some of the aspects that help you become more productive in your work.

Having trusted personnel interact and welcome your customers to your company premises ensures convenience and makes sure that you are not disrupted from attending to other crucial matters.

Increased Productivity
Business concierge services not only benefit the clients but also the colleagues. This is because they will feel a sense of appreciation as their expectations are professionally managed.

Upholds Customer Loyalty
A warm welcome and attention to their requirement are some of the traits that make your visitors and customers feel valued and appreciated. And this increases their loyalty as they will want to be associated with an organisation that recognises their value.

If you were to determine the number of hours that you would spent without hiring a business concierge service, you will realise these services are cost-effective. Reduced costs increase your overall organisation profitability.

Capital Concierge offers a wide range of business concierge services. If you would like to find out more about the various services Kingdom offers, aside from Capital Concierge’s business concierge services, be sure to take a look at our;

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