What Mobile Security Patrols Are & How They Can Help Your Business

We’re all familiar with static security and could be unfamiliar with mobile security patrols. A security guard sat watching CCTV footage from a small office, ready to respond at any time is usually what most people think of when talking about security services. The peace of mind that comes from having guards on-site 24/7, is difficult for other services to match.

So, what happens if this solution is not right for you? A mobile security patrol service can provide a cost effective and flexible alternative to static security.

Mobile security patrols operate in much the same way as traditional security services. Security guards will patrol the site and deter criminals from targeting your property. However, unlike your average guard, they do not remain permanently on site. Instead, guards will conduct thorough mobile security patrols at varying times. This allows them to respond as needed, ensuring that you are still receiving a 24-hour service without the added cost of permanent guards. These patrols can be set or adjusted by you, to meet your specific needs, or conducted randomly.

Furthermore, as mobile security patrols appear to be random, they are very effective at preventing planned crime and opportunists. This will keep criminals on their toes and deter suspicious persons from targeting you.

Every detail of these mobile security patrols will be provided for you in detailed reports. This gives clients that same peace of mind that comes with static security. That nothing can happen on your property without your knowledge.

Here at Kingdom, we work with you and optimise all our mobile patrols to your needs. All our security guards are SIA approved contractors and are fully prepared to be on site whenever necessary. Whether that is for a standard security patrol, or to deal with an emergency.

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