The Importance of Excellent Cyber Security

Here at Kingdom Services Group our Security Solutions Services understand that cyber security comprises of various technologies, controls and processes that are specifically designed to protect networks, systems and data from cyber attacks. Effective cyber security significantly reduces the risk of cyber attacks and safeguards businesses and organisations from unauthorised access of their systems, technologies and networks in order to exploit them. Cyber attacks can easily disrupt and cause considerable financial damage, and more importantly damage to any business or organisation's reputation, no matter how large. If your business were to suffer a cyber attack, you would stand to lose not only business, assets and your reputation but could also stand to lose further by facing regulatory fines and litigation.

Cyber attacks are fast increasing in not only volume, but in sophistication, which is why effective cyber security is only going to become more vital. Now more than ever, businesses need to manage these cyber threats more effectively. Kingdom’s Security Solutions service offers a bespoke site-managed security service and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your network security is well protected.

Kingdom Services Group is one of the UK’s top-performing and highly accredited providers of national security solutions; protecting both people and brand from security risks. Our cyber security solutions at Kingdom come in many forms, yet our offer will always be tailored to your needs and will involve the likes of Technology, Cyber & Intelligence. Our experienced team and qualified experts have backgrounds in the likes of the MOD, Police and Intelligence services and will provide support to your business with a help desk team for incident response to ensure any enquiry you have is handled with the utmost integrity.

Our cyber security team will operate by assisting you to identify cyber security vulnerabilities and provide crucial information to eliminate these data breaches. This is done by penetration tests and can be run without disrupting any systems. This allows us to offer not only an exceptional technical expertise, but the outstanding client service we at Kingdom Security Solutions pride ourselves on. This robust multi-pronged approach means that we cover all areas, warding off the danger posed by cyber attacks in their many forms.

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