Night Concierge Job Description and Professional Requirements

In a 24 hour economy, hiring night concierge services is necessary and although night time is not usually as busy as daytime; there are still visitors and guests who need help during this time. Some of the services offered by night concierge service providers include: help guest carry luggage, advice on hotel facilities, arranging taxis and booking tickets, giving directions, respond to safety and security issues, answering queries, making reservations, arranging taxis and booking tickets. However, these jobs descriptions vary depending on the organisation and what it deals with.

Night concierge service personnel are trained to deliver the highest and professional services at all time. They are also professionals in creating a comfortable and stress-free environment for organisations, residents and their guests. They are also responsible for the delivery of remarkable customer services. Other duties include;

    • Maintaining a professional relationship with employees, guests, and residents
    • Assist in handling emergency issues when they arise
    • Maintain lobby appearance and security of computers and other equipment
    • Become the face of the building and providing a warm welcome to the guests
    • Monitor the movements of the visitors to the building as well as the surrounding areas
    • They may also be involved in administrative duties such as sending and receiving emails, database maintenance, telephone, and security intercom inquires.

When you need a night concierge to join your organisation, there are some personal attributes that they must possess and these include;

    • Impeccable interpersonal communication skills and excellent personal presentation
    • Friendly and welcoming personality and is patient
    • Fluent in English
    • Computer literate
    • Proactive, punctual and reliable
    • Positive attitude and be a person of integrity

It is also important to note that the operation of the concierge services may vary depending on the agreement between the service providers and the organisation. However, in most cases, they work from 10, or 11 pm to 7 am and also on Saturdays and Sundays. The salary of these job description mostly ranges from $20,000 per annum and $50,000. But the minimum wage may differ depending on the organisation you work for and the workload. When you work for a recognisable concierge company, you are guaranteed to obtain allowances and payments for extra time which will increase your overall wage.

Just like any other type of concierge services, night concierge services are as necessary and ensures that your building’s guests and occupiers feel valued and safe. At Capital Concierge services, we ensure that we assign night concierge personalities that will help you meet and exceed the expectations of your guests.

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