Kingdom’s Bespoke Facilities Management in London

If you are looking for bespoke facilities management services for your office, Kingdom Services Group is the perfect facility management services for you. With every client who walks through our doors, we are committed to creating tailored solutions that make sense for your office space. We understand just how important work spaces are and do everything in our power to help you make the most of the space you have. You can leave your premises to our team of professionals that will provide you with the best facility management services including project planning, routine & preventative maintenance, security solutions, repairs, CCTV, etc.

We understand how hard it can be sometimes to find high quality integrated facilities management services in London. That is why we design all our solutions to offer the highest value while maintaining low overheads. Kingdom seeks to create lasting working relationships with every client we get. At Kingdom, we can capably run all your support services. This way, you will be free to do other tasks that are more directly connected to your bottom line. Take advantage of our market knowledge and expertise that guarantees you excellent services anywhere in London. Some of the facility management services we offer include:

    • Gas Safety Certificates
    • Comfort Cooling
    • Lightning Protection
    • Lift Maintenance
    • Water Hygiene Testing
    • Heating Systems
    • Plumbing and Drainage
    • Lighting Maintenance
    • Electrical Maintenance
    • CCTV Systems
    • Mechanical Services
    • PAT Testing
    • Fire Alarm
    • Chiller Maintenance

Bespoke Solutions for Complex Business Environments
Kingdom has for many years dominated the facilities management industry in the UK. Our list of demanding, high-profile clients whom we have worked with for years is a testament to the quality of our national Facilities. We have everything necessary to provide bespoke solutions even for the most complex business environments. From airports to hospitals, data centres, and manufacturing plants, Kingdom Services Group is the company to talk to for all your facilities management needs.

Kingdom also offers other services across the UK and in London including; West London, North West London, South West London, Central London, North London, and East London. 

If you would like to find out more about the various services Kingdom offers, be sure to take a look at our;

    • Security Solutions
    • Facilities Management
    • Concierge
    • Recruitment
    • Local Authority Support

Or, if you prefer, please call 0845 051 7700 or visit
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