Kingdom Security for HMS Montrose

Our security officers at Kingdom Services Group are second to none. Of course we would say so, but it is still true. Every time we hear a client is pleased with the service our colleagues deliver, we always like to give them the recognition they deserve and let everyone know how dedicated they are and how proud we are for having such brilliant colleagues.

This time we would like to showcase the security team that managed on the day HMS Montrose held an open day whilst it was moored in the dock of Montrose. Kingdom Security officers (pictured, from left to right) Geordie, Thomas & Martin were among the team responsible for the safety of those boarding the ship. They dealt with the bag searches, as well as all the personnel, prior to boarding HMS Montrose. They were able to manage over one hundred personnel each hour across a massive one thousand three hundred visitors to the ship that day. These officers even went on to evacuate on this extremely busy day with no fuss or incident.
Suffice to say we, at Kingdom, are proud to have colleagues such as Geordie, Thomas and Martin able to handle such a large management and we look forward to seeing what else they can accomplish in future.

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