Kingdom Launches Capital Concierge

Kingdom Services Group is delighted to announce the launch of our new service Capital Concierge along with a brand new supporting website! We have opted for a new branding separate to that of Kingdom so Capital Concierge can be recognised as it’s own brand with all the kudos it deserves. We have also opted for a more modern, cleaner look that better reflects our business and core values of providing bespoke front of house concierge services.

Presently, companies usually tag their reception services onto the end of a security contract, as an afterthought. It often entails a security officer sat at a reception desk. This is certainly not the bespoke front of house concierge service Capital Concierge provides and, while we can recognise this as an excellent way of controlling access to a building, it is definitely not the ideal image or exceptional visitor experience we at Capital endeavour to provide. Our unique approach to bespoke concierge services sets us apart. Our colleagues will replicate the welcoming service a client would expect to receive in a five star hotel or establishment and ensure that every visitor feels they have had a remarkable experience – for the right reasons.

Each aspect of our service ensures the highest levels of customer satisfaction and is tailor-made to match every client’s ethos, brand identity and corporate culture. By working closely with you as our client, our service will quickly become the public face of your organisation. We will understand what makes your company tick, and will work with you to develop a bespoke first point of contact experience for your guests to interact with, as part of our commitment to enhance your corporate brand.

So what's new to the web site?

Capital Concierge now has it's own bespoke Logo that highlights it's status as being part of Kingdom Services Group as well as giving it the aforementioned re-branding to give it a distinct, recognisable brand.

Navigation has been made easier with a minimalist design and the update Menu sits with more prominence in contrast to the background for easier access. There is also an update to the interface and conveyance of the list of services Capital Concierge provides;

Capital Concierge provides a variety of concierge and value-added customer services for our clients. These range from the provision of access to discounted theatre tickets, chauffeur services, and travel essentials, through to the efficient and discrete provision of emergency solutions. From flowers to flight bookings, and dry cleaning to day trip discounts, your visitor experience is safe in our hands and much more than a security officer sitting on a reception desk.

Reception & front of house management
Capital Concierge teams take ownership of your reception areas and provide a world class visitor experience.

Corporate help desk
Capital Concierge can manage your help desk through call and email handling, meeting room management, escalation procedures, and supporting your general business needs within general administrative duties.

By choosing Capital Concierge to represent your brand from the point of arrival at your facility, business premises or event, your visitors – and indeed your colleagues – are sure to feel a sense of value and appreciation as their expectations are professionally managed and exceeded. Delivering this quality requires specialist selection, recruitment and training of key colleagues, who not only demonstrate professionalism and innovation, but also offer warmth as well as efficiency. At Kingdom, we take pride in our teams and have built a reputation for high staff retention based on our commitment to supporting the personal and professional growth of our colleagues. The more we invest into them, the more they can do for our clients.

We are looking forward to hearing any feedback you may have regarding the new web site. Any comments, suggestions or improvements you think would improve the site, please get in touch by contacting;

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