Kingdom Answers “What Is Electrical Engineering?”

Quite often, many potential clients ask the Facilities Management delivery teams at Kingdom Services Group this question: “What is Electrical Engineering?” This is largely because we offer electrical and mechanical services to support our clients’ business infrastructure. Now, at its core, electrical engineering is the study of electromagnetic fields. It involves the application of electronics, electricity and electromagnetism.

The aim of electrical engineering is to develop and maintain electronic and electrical equipment such as power generation systems, electric motors, communication and broadcast systems, medical devices, electric grids, navigation systems, etc. This is done while minding the quality, safety, sustainability and economic feasibility of these systems and products.

Expert plumbing, electrical and mechanical service teams
At Kingdom Services Group, we have the electrical engineering industry’s best engineers skilled for their work. Through our facilities management services, we help companies in London and the entire United Kingdom with all the issues related to electrical engineering. Our expert plumbing, electrical and mechanical service teams do both preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance. Some of the customised solutions you can expect from Kingdom in this space include:

    • Electrical testing
    • Plumbing & boiler
    • Air-conditioning
    • Heating & air ventilation
    • Filter maintenance
    • Portable appliance

From Central London to North London, East London, North West London, South London, West London, South West London, and South East London, Kingdom is the go-to brand for all electrical engineering challenges you face.

At Kingdom Services Group, our facilities management solutions include electrical infrastructure maintenance for London businesses. Though with have a long list of mechanical and electrical equipment solutions, we are committed to ensuring that every service we offer is tailor-made for each of our clients.

If you would like to find out more about the various services Kingdom offers be sure to take a look at our;

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    • Facilities Management
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    • Recruitment
    • Local Authority Support

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