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As a leading, independent industrial recruitment agency, we are experts in many different industries. This makes us the best in finding the finest talent across the UK in which you can equip your workforce. With our concrete team of practised consultants, we focus on your specific industry, business and staffing requirements to ensure that we scout the most flexible, consistent and trustworthy individuals for the job. We take note of intrinsic requirements for the role at hand and use this to narrow down potential employees who possess the right skills, experience and suitability. With assured and extensive knowledge of your specific sector and a widespread database, we have the capability to find the right people for you.

Amongst all our areas of proficiency, we are an industrial recruitment agency. We house consultants with the ability to efficiently find or provide your potential employees for the ever-demanding industrial sector. Whether your business is searching for permanent, temporary, emergency or interim staff, JobXpress are dedicated in sorting skilled and appropriate individuals for the position at hand. We hire for different roles within the industrial sector such as warehouse operatives, forklift truck drivers and skilled/semi-skilled positions.

We understand that within the industrial sector, the employee and recruitment climate can differ unexpectedly. It’s an area of business in which requires very specific staffing who possess extensive experience and skills, and it may be that you need them immediately to ensure the workplace is not majorly disrupted. JobXpress is that efficient middle man; the faultless connection between you and a potential candidate. Either by scouring through our expansive database or sourcing applicants via online advertisements, we quickly provide you with candidates that appropriately match your specific requirements.

As an agency who are leading in industrial recruitment, we are fully aware of the importance of roles such as a Warehouse Operative, and the crucial service that they provide. They keep industrial environments running smoothly and efficiently. Our recruitment consultant will search for and recruit candidates who possess appropriate experience, making sure they are well accustomed to warehouse standards as well as vital health and safety regulations. Additionally, we ensure that all potential employees that we recruit hold a substantial level of numerical and IT skills in which assures their ability to accurately work with stock, orders and other tasks which befall the industrial sector. We make sure that we recruit candidates that also have a great level of people skills, such as the ability to efficiently lead a team, speak and act authoritatively, and listen to those who may fall under their management.

This also extends to recruiting for roles such as Forklift drivers or machine operators. We ensure that all candidates possess the correct documentation such as licenses, as well as the right amount of experience and skill to guarantee that they are able to effectively slot into the running order of your business. We will also ensure that candidates are at a good level of physical fitness to certify that they are capable to work in the fast-paced environment that is the industrial division. This also applies to skilled/semi-skilled positions.

JobXpress ensure that all candidates on our database, and those we provide to you, are fully referenced, legal to work and possess a level of enthusiasm and talent which will enable them to perform the role well. All potential candidates from JobXpress are selected in order to positively benefit your business and effectively solve your staffing issues.

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