Kingdom JobsXpress Service Launch

Kingdom Services Group is happy to announce the launch of our new service JobsXpress along with a brand new supporting website. We have decided on a new branding to that of our previous Recruitment Services so JobsXpress can be instantly recognised as it’s own brand under the Kingdom Services Group and have also chosen a more modern and cleaner look for the accompanying new website that better reflects both JobsXpress and Kingdom's core values of providing compliant work forces for a large number of businesses.

Glenn Bourne, Director of JobsXpress, had this to say in regards to what really sets the service apart from other recruitment services; JobsXpress new innovative culture, backed by Kingdom's established heritage, concentrates on delivering transparent, honest and achievable efficiencies to our clients by way of a tailored partnership approach to solving current and upcoming staffing requirements and by offering an inclusive ‘part of the team’ human touch to our all-important candidates.”

JobsXpress is an independent specialist recruitment division that seeks to provide our clients with the best, and most flexible, talent available across the UK. With highly tailored and vetted recruitment that focuses on individual candidate and employer needs, we add real value to our clients’ recruitment process.

Our major difference is in the detail. With unique skills and a mature, modern operational approach, and innovation at the core of our recruitment service, we deliver results. We will handle your recruitment requirements and combine our expertise & technology to ensure the right candidates are specialised and hold the best core skills for the role.

Glenn’s pride is evident in this role that JobsXpress fulfils, saying; JobsXpress is a new brand into a stale market. JobsXpress offer our clients more than just people, but rather a complete innovative suite of products and services that deliver real tangible benefits into our clients’ businesses.

Our clients can not only expect the very best quality staff, but are able to utilise cutting edge technology that allows them to identify and benefit from real time workforce efficiencies that works hand in hand with their current HR and employee and operational processes.”

So how do you benefit from this? We have essentially made sure JobsXpress is a one stop service for all your recruitment needs and we provide work forces for a variety of sectors;

    • Industrial
    • Logistics
    • Security
    • HR & Office
    • Public Sector
    • Supply Chain

We also offer flexible workers benefits which allows;

    • The ability to work hours that suit you (i.e. part time, full time, odd days, weekends)
    • Gain valuable experience
    • Earn additional money (second income)
    • Full PAYE status (still allows Tax Credits/SSP etc.)
    • Company Pension (when applicable)
    • Weekly pay every Friday
    • Holiday pay
    • Possibility of future permanent opportunities
    • The ability to claim and be paid legitimate HMRC work/travel related expenses each week.

Below is a list of services JobsXpress provides;

Employee Recruitment
JobsXpress delivers value by providing contingent labour management, recruitment outsourcing, joint recruitment ventures and designing a flexible workforce with better talent for the future.

Software as a Service (Saas)
JobsXpress also offers a full suite of staff management & HR resource software packages which allows our clients to maximise their workforce efficiencies & cost control whilst having assurances over agency and workforce compliance.

Neutral Vendor
Our Neutral Vendor Managed Service is an unbiased provider of your temporary workforce. Using this service will give our clients access to the best candidates from each agency, without them having to contact them themselves.

Needless to say, we are all excited for our new and existing clients alike to see the new JobsXpress service in action. Glenn had this to say on the subject; “Yes!… Both new and current clients are already realising how effective our systems and technology can be in identifying savings and streamlining workforce management. It’s a win win! They receive all the new innovation of JobsXpress, with the added piece of mind of the Kingdom family heritage and sustainability.”

If you would like to find out more about the various services Kingdom offers, be sure to take a look at our;

    • Security Solutions
    • Facilities Management
    • Recruitment
    • Concierge
    • Environmental Solutions

Or, if you prefer, please call 0845 051 7700 or visit Rate this posting:

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