Kingdom Security Officer Praised By Former Councillor

Kingdom Services Group is delighted when any of our colleagues show a level of commitment and professional conduct that instils confidence in our clients. It is with this in mind that we are giving particular praise to Solomon, a Kingdom Security Officer at Morrisons in Rochdale, for his quick thinking and bravery in detaining a thief. For his actions in this rare occurrence, he is being awarded with a CEO award. This incident just so happened to be witnessed by former councillor for Smallbridge, Jean Ashworth, at the Morrisons store on Kingsway. She said;

“I have to say really well done to the security guard. What a nightmare job he had detaining a very aggressive thief… Thankfully, security and staff managed to get him out into the back of the store until the police arrived.

[The staff]... are brilliant as is the security guard. I actually thanked the security guard for keeping us safe”

Needless to say, Kingdom Services Group are proud of the Security Officer for his bravery in this rare occurrence and it gives us great pride to know our colleagues are ready to act in such ways when necessary.

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