Kingdom News Article – Burnley Council, Team of the Month

Kingdom Services Group is happy to announce that the award for Environmental Service Team of the Month June 2018 has gone to the Burnley Council team. This team has won the Environmental Services Team of the Month award for going above and beyond in meeting all the operational procedures and by working as a tight, cohesive team overall covering any days off as well as annual leave. This award consists of criteria required to win this award. It includes;

• Conduct over and above that can be considered outstanding/exemplary.
• Compliments from clients & consumers.
• Innovation in adding value or improving effectiveness & efficiency.
• Conduct that impacts positively upon service delivery.
• Compliment from business, managers/peers/colleagues.

The winning team will receive an award certificate & trophy. The team also enters our annual competition and will compete against other monthly team winners for an annual award.

Burnley Council awarded a contract of three years to Kingdom’s Environmental Services in order for us to support the council in its campaign to help keep the borough’s streets and public areas clean. Kingdom’s Regional Operations Director for the North had this to say on Kingdom’s progress within Burnley Council areas in this time; “Kingdom is pleased that Burnley saw an improvement in street cleanliness during the pilot phase. We are delighted to continue working in partnership with Burnley Council, helping it to achieve a clean and tidy town.”

When asked about Kingdom’s progress in Burnley, the council’s executive member of community services, said; “The last year has seen improvements in the cleanliness of our borough and we are determined to ensure that continues.”

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