Mental Health Awareness Leaflet & what Kingdom can do for you

Here at Kingdom Services Group, we take mental health awareness very seriously as we all know mental illness cannot be seen. The likes of depression, anxiety, stress and psychosis undoubtedly affect many a person close to us in some form or another and dealing with such illnesses on a day to day basis is an unimaginable struggle for anyone, let alone having to cope in a working environment. It is with this in mind that we at Kingdom have put together a mental health awareness leaflet available for any colleague that may require it. It details a lot of helpful information designed to help people better understand mental health issues, be more aware of mental health issues and fundamentally realise that these issues are nothing to be ashamed of and that the stigma attached to them needs to change.

The leaflet details the likes of what mental health issues are and how common it can be to suffer from along with links to helpful sites such as Mental Health Matters and the World Health Organisation for full introductions and advice on good mental health, how we can help ourselves and others as well as a state of good well-being.

The leaflet also goes into some detail about the more common mental health issues people can face like anxiety, stress & depression and has simple to follow explanations of how these illnesses are caused. This is with a view to helping people start to know the signs in themselves and others so they can act accordingly to deal with them. There is also a list of symptoms in order for people to keep an eye out for going forward.

Kingdom fully understands the difficulties faced by anyone suffering from mental health issues and has included a section on the support you can rely on in the leaflet. Whether your support network consists of family or friends, it talks about seeking advice from your doctor and not to be worried about the prospect of medication as that is but one option amongst many for dealing with mental health issues.

What Kingdom can do for you

If Kingdom are made aware of a mental health issue, we can look to assist in a number of ways. This list is non – exhaustive and further advice can be requested from Absence Management;
• Risk Assessments
• Action Plans
• Work towards expected return to work dates
• Hold Welfare meetings
• Grant emergency leave to deal with immediate short term issues
• Return to work interviews
• Receive Medical opinion as to suggested accommodations or recommendations

It is important to know that all discussions will be in the utmost confidentiality and only
relevant information (such as amendments or return to work dates) for operational needs will
be disclosed. Any sensitive information will not be divulged unless authorisation has been given to do so. We will ask for authorisation should this be required.

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