Kingdom's 25th Anniversary At Haydock Racecourse

Kingdom would very much like to thank all our colleagues whom attended Haydock Park Racecourse on Saturday evening. A fantastic time was had by all and it was touching to see Terry Barton (CEO) and Agnes awarded with a beautiful glass trophy to celebrate twenty five years of Kingdom Services.

Kingdom could not be more excited to be celebrating a quart of a century since it first started business. We were founded on the 2nd March 1993 by the very same man who is still our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Terry Barton BA (Hons).

Terry had a few proud words to say about Kingdom’s anniversary. He said;
“When I started Kingdom in 1993 I started it with the very firm belief that we had to be different and that the company had to continually evolve, keep learning about our customers’ needs and desires, embrace the latest technology and invest in our most important asset – our people. Since then I am very proud to say that Kingdom has stuck rigidly to those beliefs and we have built what I regard as the best teams within the service streams and sectors in which we operate.Like running any business, it has been 25 years of highs and lows, but the 25 years have flown by and it has never not been exciting times at Kingdom. Our future aspirations not only keep myself excited but also the great team and togetherness built around me. I thank everybody from colleagues to customers to suppliers to anyone that has ever touched Kingdom throughout this amazing 25-year journey”

During the course of the evening, Terry and his wife Agnes presented the prize to the winning horse’s owner and the “Best Turned Out” horse in the parade ring.

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