Kingdom wins new contract with Port of Inverness

clip_image002Kingdom is very pleased to announce that we have recently won a brand-new contract to provide security services to the Port of Inverness.
Kingdom started providing services to the Port of Inverness on the 3rd June. Our officers are on site to ensure compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code when cruise liners are alongside.
For the duration of the cruise liners’ visit, Kingdom’s officers are providing security to the temporary restricted area, searching vehicles, personnel and baggage in accordance with the ISPS Code. When passengers are embarking on the cruise liner, a certain percentage of them must be searched in order to comply with the ISPS code, and all vehicles entering the restricted area also need to be searched.
Following Kingdom’s first day providing services in Inverness Harbour and Kingdom having successfully searched the required number of passengers in order to hit target, the Deputy Harbour Master at the Port of Inverness wrote to Kingdom saying:
“First of all, many thanks to Jamie and the team for your services on Sunday, we were very happy with the manner in which the team operated and dealt with the passengers, we felt that the day went very smoothly.  We look forward to working with you on the remaining visits by Variety Voyager this summer.” 
The Port of Inverness is one of the major economic hubs of the Highlands, providing a vital gateway for companies in the north both to export and import a wide variety of goods. The port is at the heart of the city’s growth and expansion. It is one of Scotland’s most sheltered natural deep-water harbours and as a result the port can offer ships almost guaranteed access irrespective of the weather.
The port lies close to Inverness city centre and thus has excellent communications links not only with the city but the surrounding wider region. Recent developments have made the port one of the most modern in the north with excellent covered storage and laydown facilities.
Trading with the rest of the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, the Baltics, the European Union and further afield, the port handles a diverse range of cargoes including oil/fuel, renewable energy machinery, packaged timber, round logs, Sterling Board, woodchips, coal, salt, animal feeds, frozen fish and a diverse range of other goods.
To find out more about the Port of Inverness, please visit
Kingdom is one of the UK’s top-performing and most highly-accredited providers of national security solutions, protecting property, people and brand. To find out more about Kingdom and all our services, please visit or call us on 0845 051 7702.

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