Kingdom launches new Colleague Zone

Kingdom is very pleased to have launched a new Colleague Zone today which all colleagues at Kingdom will have access to. The new Colleague Zone replaces our old “Our People” section and has been designed to be in line with Kingdom’s new website, which was launched at the end of last year.
The new Colleague Zone brings together everything that our colleagues will need in one easy to access place. The improved navigation makes everything much simpler to find, and therefore makes it much easier for our colleagues to access and utilise what they need compared to what was available to them before.
Kingdom is a people business, so likes to keep colleagues happy and enthused. We don’t believe that colleague welfare ends with paying wages, which is why our “welfare rainbow” provides many colleague incentives.
This new area will help to make our colleagues jobs easier and will also help them to further develop their skill sets. Crucially though, it will also allow our colleagues to access the tools and information they need more quickly and easily, which ultimately means they can do their job better and more quickly, and therefore provide better results for our clients.
There are four key new sections:
clip_image0041. A New Starter Zone to help ensure that anybody just starting out on their journey with Kingdom has the best experience possible. This area includes a Welcome Pack, a Colleague Handbook, a Team Leader Handbook, a Retail Handbook, and an Organisation Chart. There will also be access for colleagues to check their own hours and holidays in this area.
2. A Training Academy, which is a person-centred approach to help colleagues to maximise their development. This allows colleagues to access KingdomShield, our very own workplace training site.
3. A Download Zone, giving colleagues instant access to all of the key policies and forms that they might need at the touch of a button. This includes our environmental policy, social media policy, lone worker policy, health & safety policy, health & safety manual, health & safety wellbeing policy, uniform order form, colleague welfare form, personal development plan, incident report form, and mission, vision & values policy.
clip_image0064. A Daily News section, to help keep Kingdom colleagues up to date with the latest news and articles from Kingdom and to “live the brand”.
Finally, there is a “Submit a Sales Lead” section, allowing colleagues to earn easy commission by submitting a sales lead, and a “refer a friend for a position” form, allowing colleagues to earn easy cash by recommending a friend for a role. Both of these will allow our colleagues to play their part in helping Kingdom to grow.
We operate within a fast-paced culture which requires a clear vision and passionate commitment to our customers and colleagues, whilst maintaining integrity, honesty and openness throughout. Our colleagues drive our success, so we want them to achieve great things and be rewarded for their efforts on a “job well done”.
We add value to your business by securing, deploying and retaining the right people, and supporting them with bespoke and comprehensive training tailored to your sector. Our training reflects the key issues you face and focuses on the criteria that matters most to you.
Kingdom is one of the largest, independent and privately-owned companies specialising in security solutions, facilities management, environmental protection and recruitment within the UK, Ireland and South Asia.
We successfully manage and lead thousands of high quality service personnel in highly complex public-facing environments and support each one of them through a national network of regional offices. In turn, these are supported by our National Support Centre. Together, we form a strong network that is able to uphold the highest standards of support for our customers.
For more information about Kingdom and all our services, please visit our website or call us on 0845 051 7702.

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