Kingdom helping student raise money for Vietnam project

IMG_6833Kingdom is very pleased to be supporting Lily Wallace, who is the daughter of Kingdom’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mark Wallace. Lily (pictured) is currently raising money to go on an expedition to Vietnam with her school, Woldgate School.
Lily will be travelling to Vietnam in July 2019 for 18 days along with around 15-20 fellow students. She will be completing a trek and a project that will see her working with local people there and dedicating her time to helping both the local community and the environment. The project will also give her the opportunity to develop her leadership skills.
In order to do this, Lily needs to raise £3,495 over the next 16 months. She is aiming to raise the money in lots of different ways, which have so far included packing bags at her local Sainsburys supermarket, asking friends and family members to fill Smarties tubes with 20p coins, and aiming to fill a local restaurant with people in order to receive a “kick back” from the restaurant.
Here at Kingdom we are doing our bit to help Lily too, by saving and recycling all our old phones and ink cartridges in exchange for money via and by giving her a few days work at our National Support Centre to help her top up her fund.
Kingdom wish Lily the very best of luck and will keep you posted as to the progress of her fundraising, and of her efforts when she is actually in Vietnam, over the coming months.
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