Kingdom to start new littering contract in Bedford

ENV018_11-1Kingdom has been appointed by Bedford Borough Council to help them crack down on littering in Bedford (the country town of Bedfordshire), and the surrounding towns and villages.
From Monday 8th January, Kingdom’s officers will start patrolling the streets and public places of the Borough of Bedford, issuing £75 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) to anyone caught dropping litter. As always, Kingdom’s officers will be wearing body cameras. Our initial focus will purely be on people dropping litter, and later in the year we will also start to tackle other environmental crimes, such as failing to clean up after your dog has fouled.
Bedford Borough Council has long had a zero-tolerance policy towards littering as well as other environmental offences. In fact, they have issued over 900 fines for littering over the past three years, and have their “Why Would You” campaign in place to discourage littering.
However, people continue to drop litter, which is why the council has decided to hit back and crack down even harder on littering, by contracting Kingdom to provide environmental protection services.
Commenting on Kingdom’s appointment, Councillor Charles Royden, Portfolio Holder for the Environment on Bedford Borough Council, said: “While our own officers have a number of different jobs to do, ‘Kingdom’ staff will be patrolling our streets focused on tackling environment offences to deal with the selfish minority who spoil our neighbourhoods for everyone. Littering is a crime and if you are seen by one of these officers dropping even a cigarette butt or bit of chewing gum, you will be fined £75.”
The scheme will be self-financing, with costs being covered by the income from the FPNs which will be paid by the people caught dropping litter. Therefore, it won’t cost the council, and thus the taxpayer, anything.
Below is a photo of the new team in their uniforms.
IMG_1100 (002)
Kingdom has a proven record of delivering a cleaner, safer and greener environment for members of your community. Last year, over £1 billion was spent cleaning the UK streets. To help reduce this cost to the taxpayer, Kingdom’s Environmental Protection Division deploys fully trained uniformed officers into identified ‘problem areas’ in order to deal with littering, dog fouling and other environmental enforcement issues. We operate a range of payment schemes all guaranteeing no cost to the local authority. Instead, our costs are recovered by the Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) we issue which have resulted in us raising over £3.3m for local authorities during the last 12 months.
If you would like to find out more about Kingdom’s Environmental Protection service, please call 0845 051 7702 or visit

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