Kingdom taking on litterers and fly-tippers in Trafford

Trafford Council Logo.jpg.galleryKingdom has just started work providing Environmental Protection services on behalf of Trafford Council.
Our officers started carrying out patrols on the streets and in public places in Old Trafford and Stretford on Monday 8th January, the beginning of what is to be a 12-month pilot scheme. If the scheme is successful it could be extended to other areas covered by Trafford Council.
The patrols are part of the council’s crackdown on people who drop litter (which includes cigarette butts and chewing gum) on the ground and fail to pick it up, and those people who illegally dump their waste (i.e. fly-tipping).
Our Environmental Protection team are issuing Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) of £80 to anyone caught dropping litter, and £200 to anyone caught fly-tipping. The costs of the service will be covered by the fines, and any income above and beyond this will be invested back into similar environmental protection schemes. As always, our officers will be wearing council uniforms and body cameras.
In order to help our officers to target the litter and fly-tipping “hot spots”, Trafford Council is encouraging local people and visitors to report any incidents they see of waste being dumped, by sending descriptions of the people and their vehicle registrations if possible to They will also be working with local community groups to assess how well the service is going.
A press release from Trafford Council said: “Every year, Trafford Council spends substantial sums of taxpayers hard earned money cleaning up after those who refuse to be responsible, money that could be spent on other environmental priorities. In addition, over a number of years the Council has promoted its successful #BeResponsible campaign working to educate local people and tackle the cause for concern at it cause and help to ensure rubbish isn’t thrown in the first place.”
The press release goes on to explain that Kingdom’s services are being deployed “following conversations with community groups, residents and businesses that are fed up with people who dump waste and litter irresponsibly.”
Commenting on the new service, Cllr John Reilly, Executive Member for Highways, Parks and the Environment, said: “The Council is passionate about ensuring our local neighbourhoods are clean and attractive places to live in. However, we still face problems with more and more rubbish being dumped in alleyways and litter being dropped. This is something we have never tolerated and will take even tougher action to show we are serious about tacking this issue.
"We have listened to our communities, and we have decided to take even tougher action; you’re fed up, we’re fed up. We’re asking everyone for their support, so that together we can make where you live a place to be really proud of.”
The move has been welcomed by local people, with Liz Mage from the Love Old Trafford community group saying: “Love Old Trafford welcomes this new initiative.  We believe there needs to be a mixture of education and enforcement to help make Old Trafford a cleaner, greener and nicer place to live.”
The photo above was taken by Darren Marsden and was used in the article “Council cracks down on people who dump waste and litter” in the Messenger on the 11th January 2018.
Kingdom has a proven record of delivering a cleaner, safer and greener environment for members of your community. Last year, over £1 billion was spent cleaning the UK streets. To help reduce this cost to the taxpayer, Kingdom’s Environmental Protection Division deploys fully trained uniformed officers into identified ‘problem areas’ in order to deal with littering, dog fouling and other environmental enforcement issues. We operate a range of payment schemes all guaranteeing no cost to the local authority. Instead, our costs are recovered by the Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) we issue which have resulted in us raising over £3.3m for local authorities during the last 12 months.
If you would like to find out more about Kingdom’s Environmental Protection service, please call 0845 051 7702 or visit Rate this posting:

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