Kingdom awarded Acclaim Accreditation for Health & Safety

Kingdom Services Acclaim SSIP 2017-18Kingdom is very pleased to have achieved the Certificate of Health & Safety Accreditation from Acclaim Accreditation.
Acclaim Accreditation is the health and safety accreditation service provided by Capita Supplier assessment services that enables businesses to demonstrate their compliance with health and safety legislation.
It is an SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) member scheme that uses the expertise and knowledge of Capita Property and infrastructure, who are leaders in health and safety consultancy, to appraise each application. Acclaim works to support the objectives of the SSIP, which are to improve health and safety standards across the UK, and to reduce the duplication of paperwork in procurement.
Acclaim was developed in 2009 and was previously only available to Constructionline Members. In 2017 Capita decided to make it available to any organisation that seeks an objective assessment of its Health and Safety regime. This is because it was felt that it is equally applicable to any business that provides services to the public and private business sectors across a range of business sectors in addition to construction. Therefore, although it was developed within the construction industry, it is now used by 28 business sectors across the UK.
Kingdom’s Acclaim accreditation once again confirms their commitment to the highest health and safety standards that is also demonstrated through the numerous accreditations that they have. Kingdom remains steadfast in its "commitment to quality" (C2Q) by embracing five key components: Safety, Health, Environment, Service and Outcomes. As a supplier to brand focused customers, Kingdom’s investment and dedication to quality and safety is taken extremely seriously. They regularly access experts in their field to openly audit and challenge them. More information about Kingdom’s accreditations can be viewed here.
For more information about Kingdom, please visit or call 0845 051 7702.

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