Kingdom officers enlisted to respond to local parking concerns

dfe852be-b86e-4ae0-b267-1536e00b56d1Kingdom’s parking enforcement officers have been called upon as part of a crackdown on irresponsible parking outside of schools in Barnsley.
Concerns have been raised by local councillors about the problems, who have now instructed Kingdom to commence immediately with an enforcement campaign to prevent parents from parking inconsiderately outside schools.
The campaign is to focus on specific schools at several targeted hotspots where there have been persistent complaints from residents, including members of the public who have been unable to get out of their own driveways during the school run because parents have blocked them in.
The move has been described as a “last-ditch attempt” to make the roads around the schools safer during the school run peak times of 8.30am and 3pm during the week. Kingdom’s officers will issue fines to anyone found to be obstructing the highway or parking on yellow zig-zag lines or double yellow lines.
The last straw came a few weeks ago when Barnsley Council had to weld a gate at Carlton cemetery shut to prevent parents from parking in the cemetery when dropping off and picking up their children from the nearby school. Describing what happened, local councillor Tim Cheetham said: “It says a lot about their behaviour when we had to step in to stop them from using a cemetery as a car park. It’s shocking when you think about it - it’s adults behaving like kids. We’ve heard that their parking at the cemetery even interrupted a funeral. Clearly something needs to be done to stop them and if it is enforcement officers patrolling and fining them, so be it.”
In another location in Barnsley, a petition has been set up with residents fed up of school time parking, with the organiser of the petition having told the Barnsley Chronicle that:We’re at the point where enough is enough, I’ve generated almost 300 signatures alone and everyone is in agreement that parents need to take responsibility for their actions and stop. Parents are in such a rush they mount kerbs and knock wing mirrors off. It’s very dangerous.”
The headteacher of the same school said: “Near misses are common on Vicarage Lane as parents want to get as close to the school doors as possible. We worry there will be a serious accident and a child will be hit by a vehicle - one mounted the kerb last week and a woman with a pushchair was walking.
“It is a residential area. There is only one way in and one way out so it tends to get clogged up when parents are dropping off and picking up their children, especially given it’s everyone’s only vehicular access.

“We regularly send newsletters out to parents which always ask parents to think about parking elsewhere. We’ve put banners outside the school and done walk-to-school initiatives, but our parents have even been parking further afield and blocking more driveways on Chantry Grove.
“The message to parents is this: if you are unable to walk your children to school, please park responsibly where possible, using car parks in the locality.”

Barnsley Councillor Joe Hayward said: “We have constant issues with parents’ parking across the wards - they just don’t care where they park as long as they can get close to the school. We need to increase patrols - the figures for people caught parking illegally must rise. It absolutely needs addressing as it’s something that’s gone on for a long time.”
Kingdom has been providing environmental protection services in Barnsley since August 2014, tackling litter and dog fouling and now also tackles parking issues. Kingdom also provides parking enforcement services in Doncastler, Rotherham and on the Island of Anglesey.
Kingdom has a proven record of delivering a cleaner, safer and greener environment for members of your community. Last year, over £1 billion was spent cleaning the UK streets. To help reduce this cost to the taxpayer, Kingdom’s Environmental Protection Division deploys fully trained uniformed officers into identified ‘problem areas’ in order to deal with littering, dog fouling and other environmental enforcement issues. We operate a range of payment schemes all guaranteeing no cost to the local authority. Instead, our costs are recovered by the Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) we issue which have resulted in us raising over £3.3m for local authorities during the last 12 months.
If you would like to find out more about Kingdom’s Environmental Protection service, please call 0845 051 7702 or visit

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