Kingdom launches new website

Kingdom is very pleased to announce that we have today launched a brand-new website. Our new site can still be viewed at the same web address as it has always been -
Our old website had served us and our clients well for a number of years, but it was created when Kingdom’s sole focus was on security, and thus the focus of that site was very much on security.
The new website better reflects how our business has grown, evolved and expanded in recent years and better showcases the four key services that Kingdom offers today, giving an equal focus to Environmental Protection, Facilities Management, Recruitment and Security Solutions.
Kingdom branding screenshot
The website also reflects the branding that we have put in place for these four key services – green for environmental protection, blue for facilities management, purple for recruitment and grey for security. This branding is in place throughout the site, making it obvious when you’re on a page as to which service you are looking at.
Kingdom colours screenshot
The whole look and feel of the website has changed from the previous website, with the site now making use of the entire width of the screen, and making much better use of images to give it a much more modern look and feel. Everything in the online world changes very quickly, and what looked good five years ago can already look dated now. The complete redesign of the Kingdom website very much brings it bang up to date, making it look fresh, new and more appealing.
Kingdom Facilities Management Header
The new website is also very media rich, making excellent use of videos and brochures throughout, including providing video bios of all of Kingdom’s leadership team so that our customers get to know our people better, and can easily learn about them. We feel it is much more personal being able to watch short videos of our colleagues introducing themselves rather than reading through bios.
Kingdom leadership team screenshot
Another of our key aims has been to make the new website more user friendly for our clients and perspective clients. This includes easier navigation by introducing a new “mega menu”, allowing users to see all of Kingdom’s services and what those services includes all in one easy to find place.
Kingdom mega menu
As well as searching by service, users can also now search by sector, meaning that visitors to the site can look at the key industries that we provide services for and what we can do to support you within those sectors.
Kingdom sectors menu
We have also worked to ensure that the website displays better on a range of different devices, so that no matter how people are looking at the Kingdom website, whether on a desktop, mobile or tablet, they should find it easy to view and to navigate.
Commenting on the launch of the new website, Kingdom’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mark Wallace said: “I am really proud of this new website. I have been involved with what has been a huge project from start to finish, and it is wonderful to see all the hard work that has gone into this finally reach its conclusion.
“I have long had a vision for how I wanted Kingdom’s website to look going forward, and have been working hard to make sure that everything associated with it, including design, content and media, meets that vision.
“I am absolutely delighted with the new website and feel that is far better reflects the service that Kingdom offers to clients today, and hope that our clients and other users also like the new site and enjoy visiting it as much as I do.”
For more information about Kingdom and all our services and to see for yourself how our website has changed, please visit

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