Kingdom supporting client’s charity cycle ride

action-for-at-newKingdom is very pleased to be supporting one of their clients, who is taking part in a fundraising cycle ride to raise money for charity.

Jerry Lane is security manager at Kingdom’s client BCA (British Car Auctions). He is going to be cycling from London to Paris in September – a cycle ride of over 230 miles in 3 days – along with other colleagues from BCA in order to raise money for the charity Action for A-T.

A-T stands for Ataxia Telangiectasia, which is a rare neurodegenerative inherited disease that affects many parts of the body and causes severe disability. It is progressive and affects the cerebellum (the body’s motor control centre) and in about 70% of cases also weakens the immune system leading to respiratory disorders. The condition first shows itself in early childhood, i.e. the toddler stage. The symptoms are lack of balance, slurred speech and perhaps a more than normal number of infections.  All children at this age take a little while to develop good walking skills, coherent speech and an effective immune system so it may be some years before A-T is properly diagnosed. On top of the severe physical disabilities children with A-T must face, 1 in 4 children with A-T will develop cancer or severe lung disease and more than half will die before they are out of their teens.

Jerry is raising money for the charity which raises money to fund medical research to find a cure for A-T or a medical advancement that will enable children who suffer from it to live a longer and happier life because “they do a fantastic job and need our utmost support.” He was aiming to raise £1,000 for the charity, but has exceeded that target by £112 so far and still with 2 weeks to go. If you would like to support Jerry’s fundraising efforts, you can do so by going to his Just Giving page -   - Jerry would appreciate support by way of donation however large or small.

Kingdom believes that it is crucial to their core business success to act responsibly as a business, with the highest social, environmental and ethical standards. They want to achieve financial success, but also want to create value for their stakeholders - from shareholders to customers, colleagues to business partners, and society as a whole.

Corporate responsibility informs everything they do, and is deeply embedded in their core company values. These values influence their approach to work and guide the way they treat their colleagues, their customers and grow their business.

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