U12 football team sponsored by Kingdom goes from strength to strength

Regular readers of Kingdom’s news stories may recall that we have been sponsoring a young team of footballers called the Wilberfoss Mavericks since October 2015. Kingdom purchased the team’s kit, and in return Kingdom’s logo is displayed on the front and back of the kit. The young team is managed by Kingdom’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Wallace.

The Wilberfoss Mavericks recently took part in the Under 12s Bridlington Beach Tournament. They didn’t do very well in this tournament last year, but having had a great season this year they entered the event with a fresh optimism.

The tournament included first division and academy players (the Wilberfoss Mavericks are a fourth division team), and the Mavericks didn’t settle too quickly on sand, and as a result lost their first game. However, there is no shame in this, as they just so happened to lose to the eventual tournament winners, and only 1-0.

After this initial disappointment however, the team won game after game after game, eventually getting through to the quarter finals after coming third in a large group. Although they finally went out of the tournament in the quarter finals losing 2-0, they didn’t go without a fight, and were the last division 4 team left in the competition.

Commenting on the event, Mark Wallace said: “Great effort yet again and to be a division four team playing top dog teams and properly competing in this tournament shows how far this team have come. To be the only division 4 team left in the last pack and to be left feeling disappointed? Wow. Just wow!”

Last summer Kingdom donated money to the team to help them complete a project during the school summer holidays, and in 2015 Kingdom arranged for the team to attend a Wigan vs Leeds match at the DW Stadium in Wigan as VIP day guests. Kingdom also recently sponsored their fundraising event, a Pig Racing Night in East Yorkshire.

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