Kingdom rebrands to highlight four core services

Kingdom has introduced a new logo to help to showcase and inform customers of the four core services that Kingdom provides.

Kingdom’s four core services – Environmental Protection, Facilities Management, Recruitment Specialists and Security Solutions – are now each being defined by a colour. These are green for Environmental Protection, blue for Facilities Management, purple for Recruitment Specialists and grey for Security Solutions.

The introduction of these new colours will help to define and identify each of the four core sectors, whether they appear individually or together. It means that the four core sectors will be equally visible to clients, and will help to raise awareness to Kingdom’s clients and potential clients of the range of services that Kingdom offers.
These colours will most notably be used on the new Kingdom Core Services sub brand logo, which will still be used alongside the existing Kingdom logo. You will now start to see this new logo in a number of different places, including on Kingdom’s new vehicle fleet, on printed and online literature, and on Kingdom’s website. The service line colours will also  appear on colleagues’ uniforms.

As additional services come on board that Kingdom can offer to their clients, new service line colours will be introduced.

We hope that this will help to give each core service more prominence as well as its own personality within the Kingdom Services Group.

For more information about Kingdom and all their services, please visit or call 0845 051 7702. Rate this posting:

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