Kingdom membership of top cleaning body renewed

Kingdom is pleased to have renewed its members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc), the largest independent, professional and educational body within the cleaning industry.

Being a Corporate Member of the BICSc demonstrates active and material support of the Institute in its aims to raise environmental standards through training and education.

By being a member, Kingdom agrees to abide by the principles of the code of practice of the Institute, which include:

  1. Maintain a high standard of integrity in all his or her working relationships whether inside or outside the organisation in which he or she is employed.
  2. Foster the highest possible competence and expertise among those for whom he or she may be responsible.
  3. A member should seek to take a positive role in Institute regional and national affairs, by attending meetings and assisting in appropriate ways at regional and national events. A Corporate member should also support such events and encourage employees to participate in them.
  4. Comply with both the letter and spirit of the appropriate legislation of the country in which he or she works.
  5. Discharge any obligations into which he or she may have entered in the course of their employment or matters of business.
  6. Reject working practices, which might reasonably be deemed improper and/or dangerous.
  7. Ensure the availability of appropriate training for any staff under his or her control and encourage staff to take part in such training.
  8. Raise his or her standards of professional competence by taking advantage of any training that may be made available.

The BICSc has over 10,000 individual and corporate members in the UK and internationally. Its mission is to “raise the status and standards of the cleaning industry, through education and accredited training”. By doing so, it aims to:

  • Protect the operative
  • Provide a clean and safe environment
  • Preserve assets
  • Promote sustainability
  • Produce best practice
It was formed in 1961 to give the cleaning industry recognition. Although originally set up to raise the profile of the cleaning industry as a profession, it went on to establish educational standards, with the services and training provided by the Institute evolving over the years to reflect changes within the cleaning industry. They are now the leading provider in educational accredited standards and qualifications within the cleaning industry.

To find out more about the BICSc, please visit their website:

Kingdom’s supervisor or site-managed commercial cleaning and maintenance service aims to showcase your company values in their very best light, believing that clean premises reflect the qualities of an organised, professional business. They are committed to using the best people, technologies and products to provide a leaner, smarter and more connected organisation.

They add value by taking a pro-active stance towards site cleanliness and tidiness and advise on ways to cut cost, what tasks can be reduce, what time of day is cheaper and how to reduce electricity consumption or CO2 emissions when cleaning.

Kingdom remains steadfast in its "commitment to quality" (C2Q) by embracing five key components: Safety, Health, Environment, Service and Outcomes. As a supplier to brand focused customers, their investment and dedication to quality and safety is taken extremely seriously. They regularly access experts in their field to openly audit and challenge them.

For more information about Kingdom and all their services, please visit or call 0845 051 7702. Rate this posting:

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