Kingdom litter officer praised ... by the person he fined!

clip_image002This is something that we don’t expect to be writing very often, but we were pleasantly surprised recently when we received email feedback from a person who had received a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for littering, praising the Kingdom Environmental Protection officer who had issued him with the FPN!

The email said the following:

On Tuesday with 18th October, I was issued with a fine for dropping a cigarette butt in the car park of Argos in Upton. The officer was Stott. I would be grateful if he could be commended by his supervisor for the approach he took, which was non-confrontational, clear and empathetic, educational and not in any way condescending or chastising. His attitude and manner were exemplary and he is an excellent ambassador for Wirral. I am not normally a litter bug and I understand why I received the fine: getting it from Mr Stott made it much easier to swallow. Whilst I hope - and will certainly endeavour - not to meet him again in his professional capacity, I wish him well and I'm sure that he'll continue to execute his duties in the same professional, courteous and friendly way in which he dealt with me.”

This is an excellent example of how Kingdom’s Environmental Protection Officers deal with litter offenders – professionally and courteously. We would also like to take this opportunity to praise David Stott for his excellent work and for the way he handled both this individual case and for the way he handles people who drop litter in general. To be praised by the person that you have just given a fine to is practically unheard of, but it is what we aim to be - non-confrontational, clear and empathetic, educational and not in any way condescending or chastising - and we are delighted that the individual in this case understood why he received the fine and doesn’t intend for it to happen again. David Stott is to be commended for his excellent work.

This happened in the borough of Wirral, where Kingdom is tackling littering and dog fouling on behalf of Wirral Borough Council. Kingdom first started tackling litter there in July 2015, then started tackling people who dump rubbish in alleyways in April this year, and finally also started tackling dog fouling in May this year. The officers issue £50 FPNs to people who fail to clean up after their dog, and £80 FPNs to people who drop litter. In the first month on patrol in Wirral, Kingdom officers handed out more than 1,100 FPNs - 10 times more than the 90 FPNs that had been given out in the previous five years.

Innovative, independent and driven to explore new ways Kingdom successfully manage thousands of service personnel to the highest standard specialising in security, cleaning and environmental protection. Our national network of regional support offices manage thousands of service personnel to the highest standard, benchmarked by all the major UK quality accreditation bodies.

Established in 1993 and operating nationally, commercial and service strength supported with organic and acquisition growth has seen Kingdom become one of the largest independently owned companies in the UK within their areas of service expertise. Commercially strong they have a strategy to continually grow and strengthen by expanding their services and offering a complete support service to their customers.

Kingdom take a fresh approach to the support services market: adapting to the proliferation of new technologies and emerging security threats, whilst also offering their customers a leaner, smarter and more connected way of working.

For more information about Kingdom and all their services, please visit or call 0845 051 7702.

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