Kingdom to take on litter louts in Brent

clip_image002Kingdom is to start providing Environmental Protection Services in Brent in north west London from Monday 13th June after a proposal for uniformed patrol officers to issue £80 on-the-spot fines for waste offences was approved by Brent Council.

Kingdom’s Environmental Protection Division aims to make our environment cleaner, safer and greener. Their environmental protection officers deliver over 270,000 Environmental Protection hours per year on behalf of Local Authorities across the UK. They will run a 12 month pilot scheme where dedicated patrol officers will be deployed to hot spot areas with the intention of issuing Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) to anyone caught in the act of committing a waste offence, including littering a dog fouling.

A statement from Brent Council said: “The scheme will complement our existing Waste Enforcement Team who identify and investigate littering and illegally dumped rubbish offences and prosecute offenders. We will be working closely with Veolia, our waste and recycling contractor, to identify specific areas for enforcement activity.”

Commenting on the new scheme, Brent Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, Councillor Eleanor Southwood, said:

“Residents have told us they want a better deterrent and want to see stronger action taken against those who commit waste offences and blight our neighbourhoods and this pilot is intended to do exactly that.

“It is clear that the vast majority of us in Brent love where we live and we want to see everyone take great care and responsibility in properly disposing of waste.

“The minority of those in Brent who don’t love where they live and insist on littering will discover that as well as a social and environmental consequence for their actions, there will also be a financial one for them too.”

The move has also been supported by Keep Wembley Tidy, a resident association in Wembley Central and Alperton that was established in May 2015. They proactively help to keep their streets clean and green by organising monthly community clean-ups, putting leaflets through their neighbours’ doors to educate them on how to recycle and dispose of their waste correctly, giving talks in schools and nominating ‘Road Champions’ to clear rubbish from their streets on a daily basis.

Sonia Shah, a key member of the association, said: “I believe offenders will keep doing what they do until they’re hit where it hurts. By having patrol officers visible on our streets, it’s my opinion that they’ll finally grasp that their behaviour will not be tolerated.
“It’ll also give residents who dispose of their rubbish appropriately newfound hope in the improvement of the area. We at Keep Wembley Tidy encourage any action taken by the council to eliminate this issue which affects us on a daily basis.”

Kingdom’s Relationship Director, Michael Fisher, said: “Kingdom has over seven years’ experience in developing intelligence led patrols to crack down on litter offenders and we look forward to applying this knowledge to make Brent’s streets and public places cleaner and greener.

“Our experience shows that a visible presence on the streets and enforcement action amongst litter offenders is a strong deterrent that can significantly reduce the amount of street waste.”

Innovative, independent and driven to explore new ways Kingdom successfully manage thousands of service personnel to the highest standard specialising in security, cleaning and environmental protection. Our national network of regional support offices manage thousands of service personnel to the highest standard, benchmarked by all the major UK quality accreditation bodies.

Established in 1993 and operating nationally, commercial and service strength supported with organic and acquisition growth has seen Kingdom become one of the largest independently owned companies in the UK within their areas of service expertise. Commercially strong they have a strategy to continually grow and strengthen by expanding their services and offering a complete support service to their customers.

Kingdom take a fresh approach to the support services market: adapting to the proliferation of new technologies and emerging security threats, whilst also offering their customers a leaner, smarter and more connected way of working.

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