Kingdom renews security contract with Drax

clip_image002Kingdom is delighted to announce that they have won a new five year contract (with an option for an extra two years) to continue providing security services to Drax Power Station in Selby, North Yorkshire - the largest power station in the UK.

Kingdom has been providing a comprehensive high risk security service to Drax Power Station since February 2011. Their security package includes guarding service, CCTV suite and operators, and mobile team.

Commenting on the announcement, Martin Sloan, Group Head of Security at Drax Power Limited, said: Over the term of the previous contract, the levels of service provided by Kingdom Security had been nothing short of exceptional, so it was of little surprise to see them come out as clear winners through the challenging tender process. Building on an already strong relationship, the renewal of the contract has delivered additional stability and helped to reinvigorate the entire team and prepare them for the fresh challenges that lie ahead. Now it’s about the next 5 years and taking a fresh approach, and putting into place lessons learnt whilst continuing on the journey together.”

Kingdom’s dedicated energy and utilities team protects critical national assets. They have extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of the energy and utilities sector. They recognise that running energy and utilities efficiently and without interruption is critical to the world’s economy. They know that high quality support services have to be delivered in challenging locations, with strict compliance requirements, where safety and security go hand in hand, and where the risks, as well as the stakes, run high. They undertake a full range of security and associated services, including protester management and business continuity planning, and are able to respond effectively to the needs of their customers, often at short notice and operating to full customer confidentiality.

Drax Power Station is owned and operated by Drax Power Limited, which is an operating subsidiary of the innovative energy company Drax Group plc. The group has three principal activities – electricity production, electricity sales to business customers, and processing biomass for use in electricity production. They sell their power through the wholesale market and through their supply company, Haven Power. They typically provide some 7-8% of the UK’s electricity. As well as being an important strategic asset nationally, Drax Power Station is also vital to the local economy, with some 830 people working at the power station.

Drax Power Station was originally built in two stages. Stage one was completed in 1974 and stage two in 1986. It was the last coal-fired power station to be built in the UK. Each of its six generating units has a capacity of 660MW when burning coal, giving a total capacity of just under 4,000MW. In 1988 Drax became the first power station to invest in the retrofit of flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) equipment, making Drax the cleanest coal-fired power station in the UK.

However, Drax is committed to reducing its emissions of carbon dioxide even further. Because of this, the largest decarbonisation project in Europe is underway at Drax to provide the UK with cost effective, low carbon, and reliable renewable power. Since 2012, Drax has transformed itself into a predominantly biomass-fuelled electricity generator through its use of innovative technology and sustainably sourced wood pellets. The power station has converted three of its six generating units to burn sustainable biomass in place of coal, thus halving their carbon footprint in five years. By doing this, they aim to provide low carbon, low cost and reliable renewable power well into the future. In 2012 they completed another five year project – the largest steam turbine modernisation programme in UK history – upgrading their high pressure and low pressure turbines to save an additional one million tonnes of CO2 a year. For more information about Drax, please visit

Innovative, independent and driven to explore new ways Kingdom successfully manage thousands of service personnel to the highest standard specialising in security, cleaning and environmental protection. Our national network of regional support offices manage thousands of service personnel to the highest standard, benchmarked by all the major UK quality accreditation bodies.

Established in 1993 and operating nationally, commercial and service strength supported with organic and acquisition growth has seen Kingdom become one of the largest independently owned companies in the UK within their areas of service expertise. Commercially strong they have a strategy to continually grow and strengthen by expanding their services and offering a complete support service to their customers.

Kingdom take a fresh approach to the support services market: adapting to the proliferation of new technologies and emerging security threats, whilst also offering their customers a leaner, smarter and more connected way of working.

For more information about Kingdom and all their services, please visit or call 0845 051 7702.

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