Kingdom litter patrols see fines increase from 34 to 2,877 in Wolverhampton

clip_image002Kingdom was delighted to read an article on the Express & Star website today with the headline “Wolverhampton litter fines rocket from 34 to 2,877”. The article starts by saying that “litter louts in Wolverhampton were slapped with 2,877 fines last year – rocketing up from just 34 fines the previous year.”

The article notes that in just one week, 401 £75 on-the-spot fines were given out by Kingdom’s officers, and that the thousands of fines that were given out in 2015 had a potential value of £215,775, of which the council would retain £86,310. Kingdom gets paid £45 per notice with the council keeping £30. The council’s cabinet member for city environment, Councillor Steve Evans, has insisted that the money will be reinvested into key services.

Commenting on the incredible figures, Councillor Evans said:

“We have two teams of litter enforcers. They only get paid if they get results, but they can only get results if people litter. All the residents’ feedback is that they want a cleaner, greener, better Wolverhampton, and I think we are giving it to them. Any money the council makes will go into education, new signage, new bins and that sort of thing. It isn’t a money-making exercise for the council, I would prefer it if Kingdom Security weren’t getting paid because then people wouldn’t be littering.”

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Kingdom provides four dedicated officers to enforce the council’s zero-tolerance approach to littering. They give on-the-spot fines to people dropping litter, throwing down cigarette ends and not cleaning up after their dog has fouled. Kingdom started providing Environmental Protection Services in Wolverhampton on behalf of Wolverhampton City Council in August 2015. The article announcing the new service can be seen here.

Last month thirty nine people who dropped cigarette ends in Wolverhampton and did not pay their on-the-spot penalties were forced to pay fines of £3,367 by the city’s magistrates. Before Kingdom started providing Environmental Protection services on behalf of Wolverhampton Council, litter enforcement has been part of the role of around 12 members of staff, but it has only been “a very small fraction of their role”, equivalent in 2014 to just half a full-time dedicated post.

Kingdom’s Environmental Protection Division is led by experts with an ex-police and military background. The specialist teams deliver over 130,000 Environmental Protection hours per annum on behalf of local authorities around the UK. They tackle street litter, dog fouling and control orders, commercial and residential waste and waste disposal licence checks, smoking in prohibited areas, the illegal distribution of free material, criminal damage, graffiti, fly-tipping and posting. For more information about Kingdom’s Environmental Protection services, please visit or call 0845 051 7702.

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