Kingdom sponsors Outstanding Bravery awards

IMGP0549Kingdom was extremely proud to sponsor two trophies that were recently awarded to two police officers for outstanding bravery at the 66th Anniversary of the Association of Ex-CID Officers of the Metropolitan Police.

The event took place on 8th October 2015 at The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, Aldgate, London, and was attended by 430 former officers of all ranks.

The Association was formed in 1949 with the objective of maintaining the comradeship enjoyed whilst serving in the Criminal Investigation Department of London’s Metropolitan Police. Their members have served in one of the world’s most famous law enforcement organisations, New Scotland Yard, and have been involved in some of the most high profile criminal investigations in the world. They currently have over 1800 members.

The winners of the Association’s Brave Police Awards 2015 were Police Constables Harjit Sandhu and Nathan Brennan. Both officers serve at Limehouse Police Station in the Borough of Tower Hamlets. On 12th February 2014 the officers attended a horrific incident at a block of flats following reports of screaming. On arrival the officers found a 15 year old son hunched over the body of his mother. He was stabbing her with a large set of scissors. Without thought for their own safety the officers grappled with the son to try to release the scissors, and PC Brennan was stabbed six times in the chest by the son, who was very aggressive and high on drugs. If PC Brennan had not been wearing a “Met vest” he would almost certainly have been killed.

IMGP0550PC Sandhu managed to call for medical help and re-enforcements whilst keeping hold of the son, who continued to fight until PC Brennan rendered him unconscious using reasonable force, reducing the air intake to his lungs to cause him to pass out. This allowed the officers to take control of the scissors, but the son recovered quickly and in the subsequent fight PC Brennan suffered a dislocated shoulder before both officers managed to restrain him.

When backup arrived it required six officers in total to restrain and handcuff him, such was his strength. The son was charged with the murder of his mother, and as well as stabbing her with scissors had beaten her with a claw hammer. He was found not guilty of murder at a trial at the Old Bailey by virtue of insanity under Section 37 of the Mental Health Act and was subsequently detained in a psychiatric hospital. Both officers could have easily been killed when responding to this incident. PC Brennan underwent treatment for a rotator cuff tear, requiring physiotherapy, and both officers were subsequently supported by the Metropolitan Police with long term counselling.

Associaition of Ex CID OfficersKingdom was therefore honoured to sponsor the trophies for these brave police officers, which were presented by Assistant Commissioner Patricia Gannan. The citation was given by Kingdom’s John Legge, who is himself a former President of the Association, and who praised the officers for their outstanding bravery and professionalism in the line of duty. Sarah Ferguson, who was unable to attend the event, spoke by recorded video link. Previous to this award both officers also received Commissioner’s Commendations for Outstanding Bravery and a Commendation from the local borough commander.

At the same event a collection was made for Police Constable David Phillips, the Merseyside police officer who was murdered the week before by criminals escaping after committing a burglary, with over £5,500 raised for the family. The Association also sent a message of condolence to his family and to Merseyside police.

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(1) Assistant Commissioner Patricia Gannan & PC Harjit Sandu

(2) Assistant Commissioner Patricia Gannan & PC Nathan Brennan

(3) Top Table Guests and Award Winners

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