Kingdom praised for rapid ferry decontamination success

clip_image001Kingdom’s Cleaning Division has been praised for the rapid and successful way it responded to a difficult recent situation for a client.

Kingdom has been providing cleaning services for CalMac Ferries, who operate off the west coast of Scotland, since April 2015. Kingdom provides cleaning services for the offices and waiting rooms in Gourock and in Oban, and also carries out some cleaning duties in the Wemyss Bay port office and the Rothesay port office along with two vessels that operate on this route. Kingdom also provides ad-hoc cleaning to the company.

Kingdom’s Cleaning Division’s Operations Director, Peter Simpson, recently received a telephone call one morning from the director of CalMac Ferries regarding a major outbreak of an unidentified sickness virus onboard one of their vessels. The client wanted to know if Kingdom would be able to mobilise a specialist cleaning team to decontaminate the vessel and to eliminate the virus. This needed to be carried out as a matter of extreme urgency, with the team needing to be mobilised that day.

He had already contacted two local companies in Edinburgh, but they were extremely dubious about taking on this kind of work due to their inexperience in this specialist cleaning field. Kingdom’s Cleaning Division rose to the challenge however – and it really was quite a challenge!

The vessel was over 500 hundred miles away from Kingdom’s Cleaning Support Centre and was sailing between the Scottish islands and ports with short docking turnaround times. The work could only be undertaken whilst the vessel was in service with the passengers on board, so the work had to be kept very low profile. The special chemicals that were required also needed to be ordered, specialist decontamination equipment needed to be selected, and Kingdom’s specialist team needed to actually get to the ferry in Scotland. This in itself was no easy task, as the highly trained operatives with the experience to carry out this specialist clean were already carrying out scheduled work duties across the UK. Despite this, urgent calls were made to Kingdom’s teams in southern England and to senior managers, and a team of five was swiftly assembled to travel to Scotland.

Kingdom’s team did not really know where exactly in Scotland they would be meeting the ferry, as the team had to stay in a hotel overnight with a 4am start required the next morning. They finally met the vessel in a very small port on the west coast of Scotland, and although it was just 70 miles from the hotel, it took three and a half hours to get there due to very difficult driving conditions and hilly terrain.

Once the team and their vehicles carrying the necessary materials and equipment were onboard, Kingdom’s Operations Manager Peter Simpson and Contracts Manager Dean Minahan attended an onboard meeting with the captain, CalMac’s Health and Safety Advisor, and their Operations Manager, where Kingdom outlined their plan of action to ensure minimum fuss and hindrance to passengers and crew alike.

Risk and method statements were prepared in advance and presented, the teams were gowned up and prepared, swab tests were taken before and after work, and the all clear was given for each area prior to commencing. Constant communication was needed through the operation, which was a complete success.

Once the operation was complete, there was a final meeting with the captain and all relevant parties who congratulated Peter and his team for an excellent response and very successful operation. As a result, Kingdom will possibly now be invited to carry out on board training of crew and supply necessary chemicals and protective garments to ensure against further outbreaks in the future, and to ensure that if there were any they could be contained and dealt with onboard the vessel.

Commenting on the operation, Peter Simpson said: “The team were absolutely brilliant and a credit to Kingdom. Their efforts, commitment and willingness to complete what was a very difficult operation in almost impossible circumstances and their sheer professionalism shone through. I was extremely proud of them all and it was such a success that CalMac are now considering using us for security services as well.”

Kingdom’s Cleaning Division delivers a supervisor or site-managed cleaning and maintenance service that is committed to using the best people, technologies and products. They offer basic, specialist, deep and reactive cleaning to commercial, leisure, transport and public organisations. They also provide waste management, janitorial service, hygiene supplies, landscaping, high pressure cleaning, kitchen and ductwork cleaning, graffiti and chewing gum removal services.

For more information about Kingdom’s Cleaning Division, please visit or call 0845 051 7700.

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