Kingdom’s litter patrols huge success in Tunbridge Wells

clip_image002An article in the Kent and Sussex Courier entitled “1,300 Tunbridge Wells littering offenders slapped with fines” has outlined three big successes since Kingdom started providing environmental protection services to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council: there has been a higher than expected payment rate of fines, a higher than expected revenue for the council, and evidence of changing attitudes towards littering and dog fouling in the town. All of these are fantastic news for the council, for residents, and for Kingdom.

Since Kingdom’s patrols started ten months ago in September 2014, 1,300 offenders have been fined for littering and dog fouling. Kingdom provides environmental protection services on behalf of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council eight hours a day, six days a week. Kingdom does not charge the local authority but pays the council half of each £80 fixed penalty notice for littering and £10 for each £50 dog fouling fine. Offenders collectively have been fined £78,000 since last September, and a higher than anticipated payment rate of 87.7% has created an income of more than £39,000 for the council. These fantastic figures were released in a report provided to the council last week.

As well as the financial success for the council of this initiative, it has also succeeded in starting to change people’s attitudes when it comes to dropping litter and letting your dog foul in a public place. The council told the paper that it had “received positive feedback including on social media and that the council’s town centre sweeper team reported a reduction in the amount of litter.” The council’s waste and street scene team leader, Edwin Burgess, was also quoted in the article as saying: “The litter enforcement trial has been a success, with behavioural change observed and evidence of less litter being dropped in Tunbridge Wells. Littering and dog fouling has a negative impact on the local environment, generates complaints and costs money to clean up.”

Meanwhile, the council’s sustainability boss, Ronen Basu, told the paper that: “No-one should think litter is acceptable. I suspect many people are unaware of the enforcement campaign because they don’t drop litter. Residents’ surveys have said that people don’t like litter and the campaign is doing something to tackle this.”

As a result of these figures and the fantastic work that Kingdom has done since starting work on this contract, the council has recently voted to keep Kingdom providing environmental protection services for another two years.

Kingdom provides environmental protection services on behalf of local authorities around the UK, including a further five councils in Kent in addition to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. These are Maidstone Borough Council, Swale Borough Council, Canterbury City Council, Gravesham Borough Council and Thanet District Council.

Kingdom’s Environmental Protection Division is led by experts with an ex-police and military background. The specialist teams deliver over 130,000 Environmental Protection hours per annum on behalf of local authorities around the UK. For more information about Kingdom’s Environmental Protection services, please visit or call Kingdom on 0845 051 7702 for an immediate quote.

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