Kingdom makes incredible start in Wirral

clip_image002Kingdom has been praised by their latest Environmental Protection client, Wirral Council, for making a fantastic start tackling litter in the borough.

Wirral Borough Council issued a press release on the 3rd July after Kingdom had completed just two full days of their new contract, with the headline “139 fined on first two days of dedicated litter patrol”.

The press release began:

“More people received on the spot fines for dropping litter in Wirral within the first two days of a new clampdown as were fined in the previous five years.”

It went on to explain:

“Enforcement officers from Kingdom started patrols on Wednesday 1st July and have wasted absolutely no time in targeting those anti-social people who don’t dispose of their litter in a responsible way. Anyone observed dropping and leaving litter is now receiving an immediate, on-the-sport penalty of £80.”

Providing more details of the successes, the press release said:

“On their first day of the new get-tough approach, 78 fixed penalty notices were issued to people observed dropping litter by enforcement officers from Kingdom Environmental Protection Division (EPD), the company contracted by Wirral Council to deliver environmental enforcement services in the borough.

“61 people were issued with notices yesterday, bringing the total over two days to 139. Before the introduction of this dedicated enforcement team, just 90 penalty notices had been handed out since 2010.”

Kingdom’s early successes in Wirral have been reported in a number of publications so far, including:

A separate article in the Wirral Globe also included interviews with local people in Birkenhead in an article entitled “Globe readers back ‘zero tolerance’ crackdown on Wirral litter bugs”. All of the responses were broadly supportive of the initiative. The council also gave interviews about the new scheme on local radio stations including Wirral Radio and Radio Merseyside, who also carried the story in their news bulletins.

Commenting on Kingdom’s success in Wirral so far, Michael Fisher, Division Director for Kingdom’s Environmental Protection Division said: “We are pleased with how our partnership with Wirral Council has hit the ground running towards our common aim of reducing street litter within the district and makes the streets both cleaner and safer for all members of the community.”

Kingdom aims to make local communities cleaner, safer and greener. Their environmental protection division is led by experts with an ex-police and military background and they deliver over 130,000 Environmental Protection hours each year on behalf of local authorities around the UK.

To find out more about the service Kingdom is providing to Wirral Council, please see our article “Kingdom tackling litter in the Wirral”.

To find out more about Kingdom’s Environmental Protection Division, please visit or call Kingdom on 0845 051 7702.

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