Kingdom issues 5,000 fines for littering in Havant

clip_image002An article has been published in Portsmouth’s local newspaper The News, highlighting how successful Kingdom’s crackdown on litter has been in Havant since it started in May last year. The full article, entitled “Havant council’s 5,000 litter fines ‘shows policy is working’”, can be read online here.

The article explains that figures released by Kingdom’s client, Havant Borough Council, show that 4,815 fines have been handed out to people in Havant town centre since the zero-tolerance crackdown started in May last year. As the article explains, “the scheme is managed by private firm Kingdom, which takes a share of the fine, meaning the initiative does not cost the council any money and is self-funding.”

The article also included some comments from Councillor Tony Briggs, who is the Council’s Cabinet Lead for Environment and Neighbourhood Quality. Cllr Briggs explained that no profit is generated for the council from the scheme and income that is not taken by Kingdom goes to pay for legal costs for pursuing court cases with people who refuse to pay the fine. He also added that any money left over has paid for extra litter bins.

Regarding the nearly 5,000 fines issued since May 2014, Cllr Briggs told The News: ‘It just shows we are doing the right thing. Four thousand or so people have littered our borough instead of taking the rubbish to a litter bin. There’s nothing worse than walking through a shopping area that’s littered with dog ends. It’s unsightly, unhygienic and it’s litter. People need to take responsibility. It’s the same old story. If you don’t drop litter, you don’t get fined.’

Cllr Briggs also added that the zero-tolerance crackdown would continue, saying: ‘There’s no point running a scheme and then stopping it. We will continue all the time there are dirty, filthy people dropping litter.’

Kingdom’s Environmental Protection Division is led by experts with an ex-police and military background. They deliver over 130,000 Environmental Protection hours each year on behalf of local authorities across the UK, issuing fixed penalty notices (FPNs) to offenders who are seen breaking the Environmental Protection Act 1990 in streets, parks and open spaces, therefore successfully reducing anti-social behaviour.

To learn more about Kingdom’s Environmental Protection Division, please visit or call 0845 051 7700.

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