Kingdom officer’s training helps save life

Kingdom’s Keith Gallagher, Senior Officer at IKEA Glasgow, was on his way to work recently when he received a call from his mother who was with his grandmother. His grandmother was experiencing bad chest pains and was struggling to breathe.

Keith says that before he even had time to think, the first aid training that he had received a few weeks earlier kicked in. Over the phone he talked his mother through what to do, as he suspected that his grandmother was having a heart attack. With his mother doing what Keith told her to do over the phone they managed to keep his grandmother comfortable until the ambulance arrived.

Keith’s grandmother was indeed having a heart attack, and the paramedics that attended her said that Keith’s knowledge and cool head was what save his grandmother. Keith is incredibly thankful that the simple skills that he learned on the first aid training course not only helped him to save a life, but to save the life of someone who is very close to him.

All of Kingdom’s officers working on IKEA sites receive first aid training, and this just goes to show how important that training is. This training is part of Kingdom’s “commitment to quality (C2Q), which consists of five key components: Safety, Health, Environment, Service and Outcomes. To find out more about this, please visit

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