Kingdom mobile patrol officer praised for heroic actions

clip_image001One of Kingdom’s mobile patrol officers, Corrina Showalter, has been praised by the police for her brave and heroic actions whilst on duty which have led to the imprisonment of a burglar and the recovery of thousands of pounds worth of stolen property.

Corrina was on duty patrolling the premises of a client in Leicester at around 2am on the 26th March 2015 when she saw a Ford Transit van parked outside of the gates of neighbouring premises. Corrina thought that this alone was suspicious, but her suspicions were strengthened when the occupants of the van jumped into it and sped off as soon as they saw her. Although she had no way of knowing with any certainty whether or not a burglary had taken place, she did not take the easy option of simply calling the police as many others in the same position would have done, and instead followed the van.

The driver of the Ford Transit quickly realised that Corrina was in pursuit and so deliberately rammed her in an attempt to escape. Thankfully, although her van was badly damaged, Corrina was not seriously injured and immediately called the police providing crucial details of the Transit van and explaining exactly what had happened. Corrina later provided a full statement to the police detailing everything she had seen.

The Transit van was soon recovered by police, having been abandoned a few streets away, having become un-driveable as a result of ramming Corrina in Kingdom’s company vehicle. It had over £2,000 of stolen property in the back which had been taken from the premises that Corrina had spotted the van outside of. The recovery of the van enabled the commencement of an effective police investigation which led to the identification of the driver, who was charged with three offences. He was tried and the evidence against him was compelling, and as a result he has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Writing to Kingdom following the incident, Glynn Jehu, a police constable with Leicestershire Police, said:

“As a direct result of Corrina’s decisive actions, not only were £2,000 of metal components recovered, but she also prevented the loss of around £1,000 in business for the victim premises and the inevitable damage to the reputation of that company through not being able to fulfil customer orders and the loss of customer property.

“Without the actions of Corrina on that night I can say with almost certainty that the stolen property would have been lost and it would have been highly unlikely the offender in this case would have been identified and brought to justice. Therefore a burglar of business premises would have been at large and free to continue to commit these types of offences.

“We are very appreciative of Corrina’s actions and I feel that Corrina deserves recognition.

There is little doubt that Corrina’s actions and the results of them must also enhance the reputation of your company. I would strongly suggest that if your company have any kind of awards system then Corrina should be considered for this.”

Corrina has received a commendation from Kingdom in recognition of her brave actions that night, and everyone at Kingdom is incredibly proud of the role she has played in helping to protect businesses in the Leicestershire area by bringing this burglar to justice. She is a credit to the company!

Kingdom’s UK wide mobile patrol service provides the perfect solution for a cost-effective, efficient and visible deterrent on low risk sites. Kingdom provides pre-determined or roving mobile patrols which range from a simple visual drive-by to a full walk and check or lock & unlock function.

Kingdom employs local people with local knowledge and all their mobile patrol personnel are Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed, uniformed and trained. Their vehicle fleet is Kingdom branded and fully equipped to visit and inspect your premises at agreed frequencies and physically patrol and check for damage or intrusion or to lock or unlock your premises.

For more information about Kingdom’s mobile patrol service, please visit or call 0845 051 7702.

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