New Area Support Centre (ASC) - Bristol

Kingdom is a national company, and in consequence, our operation is supported with Area Support Centres (ASC) and Local Communication Bases (LCB) around the country, including our new Bristol operation at BS35 (live as from 1/9/2012)

Our office locations and their activities in 2012 are now structured as follows:-

National Support Centre (NSC): Our NSC situated in the North West provides a central support service to your contract. Located in Merseyside and a live office since inception in 1993 our NSC provides a “one stop central support shop’ to our Area Support Centres (ASC), Local Communication Bases (LCB) and provides total support to all. By housing together our central support functions e.g. HR, Recruitment, Payroll, Accounts, Customer Service, and Report Action Unit, KS can provide a culture of openness and transparency within our company. This has resulted in communication that is more than just an e-mail; it is an open and frank discussion, leading to swift resolutions between departments.

Location:  Mill Brow, Eccleston, St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 4QG

National Communications Centre (NCC): Our NCC situated in the North West is a 24 hour communications and manning resource centre to. Located in Merseyside and a live office since inception in 1993 the NCC direct, monitor and supervise every aspect of the Company’s operation round-the-clock, receiving and processing information assessing situations and maintaining communication.

Location: Mill Brow, Eccleston, St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 4QG

Area Support Centres (ASC): Mini versions of the ‘National Support Centre’ who employ local people to service local contracts. The ASC team feed directly into departmental managers at our National Support Centre (NSC)


  1. North East (North Shields) – NE29
  2. South (Stratford) – E15
  3. South West (Bristol) – BS35

Local Communication Bases (LCB): Provides administration support to our contracts (production of reports, document scanning, key banks, patrol data downloading and equipment stock) as well as providing local intelligence.

Locations:  Banbury, Birmingham (Central), Leicester, London, North East, St Helens, Tamworth, Wolverhampton (Central),  Worthing, Yorkshire.

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