Insider tip of the month - The 2012 Olympics

We at Kingdom Security have been very busy making plans in preparation for the London Olympics and the disruption this may cause for our business and those of our readers. With this in mind we provide some useful information that may assist you in making your own plans.

There are a host of websites that profess to provide information about likely trouble spots on road and rail and we have listed some that we have found useful below:






The games are already seriously short of Security Officers and more Security staff will be “sucked” into this vacuum as we get closer to the event. Whether a customer of Kingdom or a reader of our monthly newsletter please consider your requirements now and call us on  0845 051 7700 if you think you will need additional guarding support, mobile patrols or key holding and response.

We have already taken the below steps which may also be useful to you:-

1. Carried out a survey of our staff on the usual transport arrangements they use and asked them to consider alternatives such as bicycles or to park outside their work area and then use public transport for the shortest distance possible.

2. Changed start and finish times during the Olympics to minimise difficulties our staff may experience in getting to or from work locations.

3. Asked our staff to consider 5 alternative routes to work to avoid the publicised hot spots.

4. Our Regional Office in Stratford has already begun stockpiling consumables such as paper/ink and other stationary products as well as uniform items as we are expecting getting deliveries during normal hours to be difficult.

5. We will be providing extra resources for our mobile patrol and emergency response teams to ensure we can provide our normal efficient service.

6. Ramped up additional manning levels at our National Communications Centre

7. Recruited and trained additional local staff

8. Response and Patrol vehicles will ensure they re-fuel during the quiet zone between 01:00 and 06:00 to ensure full capacity at other times. Routine servicing of vehicles will be carried out before the Olympics start date of 27th July.

We hope this information will have been of some use to our readers - enjoy the games and come on Britain bring on the GOLD!!

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